Mortgage Default Guide

Learn all about home mortgages – how to get approved, how much mortgage you can afford, and what happens when you can’t make mortgage payments.

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Estate Planning Guide

Use this Estate Planning Guide to plan for the future. Prepare to purchase and sell homes, live with multiple generations, write a will, review an estate plan,...

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Death and Taxes Guide

Do you know when and why to create a will or what the legal terminology means? We’ve created the perfect guide to knowing when and why you need to write your...

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How do mortgage payments work?

Did you know that the decisions you make regarding your mortgage terms can greatly affect your mortgage payments and schedule?

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How much mortgage can you afford?

Calculating how much the bank or mortgage provider will lend you, and how much you can realistically pay each month is the smart way to buy a home within your...

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How to negotiate your mortgage

Negotiating a great rate and the best conditions on your mortgage is kind of like asking your boss for a raise – you need to do a bit of prep work before the...

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Is it time to renegotiate a mortgage?

Low mortgage rates in Canada is prompting the question on whether or not you should renegotiate your mortgage. Whether it's to get access to your home's...

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