Emergency Preparedness Guide

When it comes to emergency management, the best strategy is to create a simple action plan that protects your family in any catastrophic situation.

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10 best cities for foodies in Canada

Are you a foodie?  Or just someone who enjoys a great meal out?  Then you know that looking for that perfect beef patty, or those extra-soft cheese…

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Homesteading Guide

Increase your self-reliance by easily adopting homesteading principles and practises with tips on how to garden, canning, and urban homesteading.

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Urban homesteading basics

If you are new to gardening and to the food self-sufficiency trend of homesteading, don't worry. Here are some basic rules to follow, regardless of the type of...

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How to prepare for a tornado

Taking preventative measures against natural disasters, like a tornado, can help reduce the damage to your home and save the lives of you and your...

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How to prepare for major flooding

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in North America. Every year flooding and water damage causes millions of dollars in damage. Here are four...

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10 cheapest homes in Canada

Canada's median housing price is hovering just under $500,000 but that doesn't mean you can't find a home priced around $10,000. Check out these options for...

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