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The top 27 real estate podcasts you should add to your queue

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It’s not easy to stay on top of trends when you’re leading a busy life. That’s why podcasts are one of the best inventions of the 21st century (in our humble opinion at least). Whether you’re commuting, working out, cooking or cleaning your home, you can always listen to a real estate podcast to sharpen your skills and educate yourself on the go. 

To save yourself even more time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 27 real estate podcasts. While some are geared towards agents, brokers, or investors, we think that just about anyone who wants to learn more about real estate needs to check out this list. Find out who’s behind the mic, how often they upload new episodes and where to find them (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast or Spotify) to gain the latest insight, learn the most current trend or get a juicy tidbit you can share on your next Zoom conference call.

The 7 best Canadian real estate podcasts

For any Canadian interested in real estate, these five podcasts are an absolute must-listen. Experts from different corners of the field share their experiences, stories and advice with their fellow Canadians. 

1. Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

visual of the vancouver real estate podcast with adam and matt scalena

Every Wednesday, real estate agents Adam and Matt Scalena share timely information and analysis on the Vancouver real estate market. Episodes dive into monthly statistics, proven real estate strategies and buyers’ guides. The award-winning brothers know what they’re talking about, are passionate about their profession and share their expertise with their listeners. With a 5-star rating on Apple Podcast, this is an absolute must-listen for any Canadian interested in real estate.

2. A Canadian Investing in the USA

visual of canadian investing in the usa real estate podcast with glen sutherland

If you’ve always wanted to know more about investing across the border, Glen Sutherland’s podcast “A Canadian Investing in the USA” will answer your questions. The investor lives in Cambridge, Ontario but has invested in U.S. properties for years. He uploads new episodes on favourable laws, property taxes and lower cost entry in the U.S. every week. He also has a YouTube channel where he interviews fellow experts in the industry.

3. Where Should I Invest? With Sarah Larbi

visual of real estate podcast Where should I invest by Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi’s podcast is a must. In “Where Should I Invest?” Larbi interviews other real estate investors and experts on their business strategies and to help share valuable lessons with her audience. Every Friday, she shares a new episode. They range from 40 to 60 minutes in length, and are a great resource for both newbies to real estate and those who understand the industry. 

4. The REITE Club Podcast — Real Estate Investing In Canada

visual of reite club podcast real estate investing in canada with sarah larbi and alfonso salemi

“Where Should I Invest” is not the only platform Sarah Larbi uses to share her expertise on real estate investment. Together with Alfonso Salemi, she founded the REITE Club (Real Estate Investing Training & Education) and hosts a podcast of the same name released on Fridays. The co-founders share unique stories and strategies to inspire listeners with an interest in real estate.

5. Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast: Canadian

visual of breakthrough real estate investing podcast canadian with rob break and sandy mackay

Rob Break, entrepreneur in residential real estate investment, and Sandy MacKay, experienced Realtor and investor in Ontario, co-host “Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast: Canadian” and bring you new lessons on the power of real estate investing every Tuesday. Their episodes range from 45 to 70 minutes. In each episode they share conversations with fellow experts to help their audience learn from real life experiences.

6. Commercial Real Estate Podcast

visual of commercial real estate podcast with aaron cameron and adam powadiuk

“100% Canadian. 100% Commercial” — That’s what you can expect when Aaron Cameron and Adam Powadiuk turn on their mics to record a new episode for the “Commercial Real Estate Podcast.” At least once a week, Aaron and Adam share insight into the industry and interview experts from different provinces and cities across the country.

7. The Your Life! Your Terms! Show

visual of Your Life Your Terms real estate podcast

Brothers, real estate investors and brokers Nick and Tom Karadza launched their podcast to share their experience with others in the industry. In “The Your Life! Your Terms! Show,” the two Canadians welcome guests to chat about real estate, the economy, building a  business and living a healthy life. 

Top 9 podcasts geared towards real estate agents

The following podcasts are particularly popular among real estate agents because they allow them to stay informed on the go. However, the stories, lessons and strategies shared in these podcasts apply to anyone who can relate to the stressful life of an agent. If your job requires you to be punctual and quick on your feet, you’ll likely learn a thing or two from these podcasts.

8. GSD Mode

visual of GSD mode real estate podcast with joshua smith

Joshua Smith is a Realtor, coach, mentor and entrepreneur who’s been voted the 30th top Realtors in America by The Wall Street Journal. In “Get Sh*t Done Mode,” he shares his recipe to success, stimulating stories and interviews with other real estate experts, fitness and health. Three to four times a week, he uploads new episodes to inspire others who want to find clarity in life and turn their dreams into reality.

9. Agent Rise with Neil Matheweg

visual of agent rise real estate podcast with neil matheweg

In “The Agent Rise Podcast,” Neil Mathweg invites listeners to learn his tricks, tips and “inspirational goodies” — all in short 15 to 25 minute episodes. As a real estate coach, he’s helped hundreds of agents meet their goals and find creative solutions to problems. Mathweg shares tips on breaking through the noise of a busy industry and has tricks up his sleeves that anyone with a knack for business will benefit from. Every Monday, he shares a new episode with his audience to send them off into a new week. 

10. Real Estate Agent Success Calls

visual of real estate agent success calls podcast with mike cerrone

Mike Cerrone has been in the real estate business for over 20 years now. He’s located in Colorado, U.S. and aired his first episode of “Real Estate Agent Success Call” in December of 2017. Since then, he’s interviewed hundreds of real estate agents,  brokers and Realtors to share their lessons and success stories. Their experiences can be beneficial to anyone seeking to advance in their careers, whether that’s in real estate or a different industry. New episodes come out every two weeks.

11. Top Listing Agent Show

visual of top listing agent show real estate podcast by chadi bazzi

The name of this podcast speaks for itself. About twice a month, top real estate coach and trainer Chadi Bazzi interviews another top listing agent to give his listeners specific answers to the questions, “What does it take to become the best in the marketplace?” Their answers may inspire you to make lifestyle changes that set you up for success in your personal and professional life.

12. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

visual of kevin wards yes talk real estate podcast

“Pursue greatness. Play to win. Always expect yes!” is Kevin Ward’s motto. In his podcast that airs new episodes every Thursday, he shares his secret to remaining positive in a tough business. As an internationally recognized public speaker and real estate trainer, he’s coached hundreds of real estate agents to success. His podcast is not the only source of education he offers to the real estate community. On his YouTube channel, viewers can watch interviews with other experts and short, informative videos on anything from overcoming procrastination to making a profit in a crashing market. While geared towards those working in the real estate profession, Ward’s insight can benefit anyone, plus you learn how the pros get things done.

13. Real Estate Success Rocks

visual of real estate success rocks podcast with patrick lilly

Patrick Lilly founded “Real Estate Success Rocks” to help others fulfill their goals in business and life. In his podcast, the New York based real estate expert dissects the definition of success, what it takes to become the best agent in your marketplace and how to bring meaning to your life and your work.

14. Super Agents Live

visual of super agents live real estate podcast with toby salgado

In “Super Agents Live,” Toby Salgado shares his conversations with real estate agents whose sell volume exceeds over 50 million dollars per year. In his podcast, they talk about their business secrets, stories, tips and tricks. Every week, Salgado uploads new episodes that range between 30 and 60 minutes in length and feature top producers, coaches and authors. 

15. Rev Real Estate School

visual of rev real estate school podcast with michael montgomery

If you’re looking for quick, actionable and helpful tricks, Michael Montgomery has you covered with the “Rev Real Estate School” podcast that comes out with new episodes two to three times per month. In 20 minute episodes, this real estate coach teaches listeners how to reach 50 deals per year, elevates their marketing strategy and discusses important habits to become a successful entrepreneur.

16. The Kevin & Fred Show

visual of the kevin and fred show real estate podcast with kevin kauffman and fred weaver

Twice a week, in flip flops, real estate agents Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver bring you new episodes of their podcast show. In short 5 to 30-minute episodes, they share business tips and interviews with experts in the industry. “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Then get better” is Fred Weaver’s advice and just a glimpse of what this educational and inspiring podcast entails.

Must-listen podcasts for real estate investors

Getting started with real estate investing is both incredibly exciting and stressful. It takes dedication and time to build confidence in a career that’s high-risk. It’s crucial to learn everything you can about the business, and one of the best ways to do so is by learning from experts in the field. These podcasts are our top recommendations for real estate investors.

17. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever With Joe Fairless

visual of best real estate advice ever podcast with joe fairless

In his daily podcast show, Joe Fairless interviews some of the most successful and influential real estate professionals to share their best advice on passive investing. Listeners can expect a new guest on each 20 to 35-minute episode that always gets right into business without “any of the fluffy stuff.”

18. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

visual of biggerpockets real estate podcast with joshua dorkin brandon turner and david greene

Co-hosted by Joshua Dorkin, Brandon Turner and David Greene, the “BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast” offers real strategies that work for real people. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the team uploads new episodes with interesting interviews, actionable advice and success stories that are a must-listen for anyone looking to make it big in real estate investment.

More podcasts for the real estate community

Whether you’re a broker, agent, investor, coach or educator — consider adding some of these real estate podcasts to your queue. From helpful tips on building your own brand to comedic conversations between tenants and landlords, don’t miss out on these shows. 

19. Keeping It Real Podcast

visual of keeping it real podcast with d j paris

This informative podcast features tips from the top 1% of Realtors, brokers and agents. D.J. Paris, president of marketing at Kale Realty in Chicago, shares advice from veteran brokers to help newbies in the industry learn from mistakes made and draw inspiration from success stories.

20. The Massive Agent Podcast

visual of massive agent podcast with dustin brohm

Realtors and mortgage lenders should not sleep on this podcast. Dustin Brohm uploads new episodes every Wednesday to educate fellow professionals on lead generation, creating a successful brand and finding success in the market. Episodes vary from 30 to 60 minutes and occasionally feature guests from all over the industry.

21. Today With Jared James

visual of today with jared james real estate podcast

Over 150 listeners on Apple Podcasts agree that Jared James’ podcast is a true 5-star experience. Twice a month, the national speaker and trainer records a new episode featuring influential guests that join Jared James in speaking about current events and trends in real estate. 

22. Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate

visual of crazy sh*t in real estate podcast with leigh brown

Every Thursday, Leigh Brown uploads a new episode of “Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate” to “walk you through some of the wildest, most unbelievable stories you’ll hear from the world of real estate.” As a best-selling author, coach and successful Realtor who just happens to be her own CEO, Leigh Brown knows the industry inside and out. Listeners can expect entertaining, insightful and informative episodes that range from 15 to 25 minutes in length.

23. The Real Estate Marketing Dude

visual of real estate marketing dude podcast with mike cuevas

Mike Cuevas, also known as “The Real Estate Marketing Dude,” is a San Diego based former broker gone marketing expert who shares his expertise with listeners every Friday. In 30 minute episodes, he breaks down the top real estate lead generation strategies. He discusses referral, transactional and cold marketing to help you sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the curve. These skills are universally applicable so if you’re interested in sales, this podcast is a must!

24. Real Estate Coaching Radio

visual of real estate coaching radio podcast with tim and julie harris

As real estate coaches, Tim and Julie Harris teach their listeners everything they need to know to succeed in the business. The couple promises “drilled down, no BS, fast paced practical and tactical information” to accelerate your career. Every day, they upload new 30-minute episodes packed with business advice.

25. Evolve with Danny Morel

visual of evolve podcast with danny morel

This podcast goes beyond the talk on real estate. Danny Morel offers advice on reaching true potential by establishing a solid skillset and belief patterns that lead to success. He encourages listeners to follow their dreams and provides actionable tips and insights into transforming their mind, body, business and heart.

26. NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Development

visual of nars center for realtor development podcast hosted by monica neubauer

Monica Neubauer, host of the “Center of REALTOR® Development” podcast and successful Tennessee, U.S. based Realtor offers new educating discussions with guests twice per month. In one hour-long episodes, she invites real estate experts into her recording studio to share their knowledge, experience and tips with Realtors, Realtor associations, professionals, educators, schools and consumers.

27. The Landlord and Tenant Podcast

visual of the landlord and tenant podmess with michael cameron and adam powadiuk

If you’re looking for a fun escape from everyday life, Michael Cameron and Adam Powadiuk share entertaining anecdotes, debates and discussions revolving around the questions, “Can a landlord and a tenant be friends?” New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Integrating podcasts into your daily schedule can be a huge benefit to your career. It’s an effortless way to stay on top of trends and educate yourself on all things real estate. We hope our list helps you pick the podcasts that are beneficial to you. If you’re looking to get started in the real estate business, Zolo is here to help.

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