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Death and Taxes Guide

Do you know when and why to create a will or what the legal terminology means? We’ve created the perfect guide to knowing when and why you need to write your...

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How to prepare for a tornado

Taking preventative measures against natural disasters, like a tornado, can help reduce the damage to your home and save the lives of you and your...

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How to prepare for major flooding

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in North America. Every year flooding and water damage causes millions of dollars in damage. Here are four...

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How do mortgage payments work?

Did you know that the decisions you make regarding your mortgage terms can greatly affect your mortgage payments and schedule?

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Is creating an online will safe?

More than half of Canadians do not have a will in place because it’s costly and inconvenient – but online will platforms are making will-planning both...

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How much does it cost to die?

Now that you have a will, did you leave your family behind enough money to cover the funeral costs and arrangements? Find out how much it actually costs to die...

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