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How to prepare for a zombie apocalypse

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Let’s be honest here. Your alarms won’t warn you or stop zombies from coming into your house. You must’ve wondered how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse if it unexpectedly was to happen. What do you need to do? How can you get to safety? Well, there are quite a few things. After all, zombies are brainless, so all you need to do is protect your house against brute force break-ins.

What zombies have going in their advantage is their strength and their undead will. That means your preparations need to focus on protecting you, your loved ones and your home from the tenacity of the in-dead. This includes kick-proofing the doors, storing enough food and water to last throughout the zombie attack, and figuring out how to stay entertained without making noise. To help, here are a few crucial steps you must take when it comes to this type of apocalypse.

Your guide to emergency preparedness

Step 1: How can you take preventive measures from a zombie attack?

survive a zombie attack

Although there aren’t many tactics you can use to prevent a zombie attack, you can always take preventative measures, like putting together an ideal emergency preparedness kit. That way, you’ll buy enough time to hide out until you can safely evacuate to a zombie-free location.

Like any emergency preparedness kit you put together for any natural disaster, your necessities kit should include water and non-perishable foods. Still, when it comes to a zombie apocalypse emergency kit, there are some additional items you might want to consider.

What should you put in your zombie survival kit?

  • Soundproof headphones to help you sleep through the constant moaning and groaning;
  • A weapon of choice, but preferably one that doesn’t require a lot of space;
  • A Nintendo Switch (or a few books and games) to help pass the time;
  • A flamethrower (we heard zombies don’t like fire);
  • And of course, cords to set up a trip-wire alarm so you can listen to the zombies coming.

Once you’ve put together the perfect survival kit, it’s time to consider refreshing your emergency plan to include what you’d do in this type of situation. You can add emergency contacts, a secret escape route to leave your home safely, and a meeting place that everyone can find if you become separated from one another. Lastly, make sure that you do a couple of solid run-throughs of your plan so that everyone knows the routine.

Step 2: How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse?

For most natural disasters, preparations come through planning and organizing. For a zombie attack, you’re going to need to be a little bit more creative. Some great tips for people looking to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse are by freshening up your survival skills.

What survival skills do you need?

  • Built-up endurance so you can outrun any zombie;
  • Learn how to neutralize a zombie with any weapon, such as a baseball bat or frying pan;
  • Know how to disorient a zombie by using bright lights and noises;
  • Get comfortable climbing hills or mountains;
  • Learn how to ride a horse for a quick and easy way to escape when you run out of gas;
  • Learn how to forage for safe food;
  • Learn how to sail a boat (because zombies definitely cannot swim).

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’re certainly ready to tackle whatever type of apocalypse that comes your way — specifically, a zombie apocalypse.

Step 3: What should you do during a zombie attack?

Zombie hands emergency preparedness

We’ve done all of the necessary prep work, so it’s time to make yourself aware of what you should do when the zombie apocalypse begins.

If you are indoors during a zombie apocalypse, it’s time to reinforce your windows and doors so that no one can enter your home. Block the entrances with plywood or heavy furniture. If, however, the zombies find your location and start to attempt to gain entry, it’s time to get out and run for the hills. We say hills because to escape zombies successfully, it’s best to find high land, like on top of a mountain or cliff. Zombies, although persistent, don’t have climbing skills. If you can find a boat or raft, it’s also an option to take to the water to escape the zombies.

Your main goal should be to seek a safe-zone that does not have a zombie-infestation. During a zombie attack, it’s best not to travel alone. So, find a buddy or group that you can go with to find safety.

Step 4: How to recover after a zombie apocalypse

Once you’ve survived a zombie apocalypse and scientists have found a cure, the main goal for your community is to rebuild. If possible, wait to hear from authorities to confirm its safe to return to your home. Once you arrive, it’s a good idea to do a perimeter check of the property to make sure there are no more zombies, remains or messes that need to be cleaned up.

So, as long as you zombie-proof your house effectively and have all the needed supplies, it can be the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Ultimately, your recovery should be a lesson in learning how to better prepare for any future emergencies. Whatever you felt was missing, or you could have done better is something to include in your new emergency plan or survival kit. Pat yourself on the back. Not many people can say they lived through something as wild as a zombie apocalypse.

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