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Where to buy a condo or townhouse in Toronto in 2018

A smart property purchase requires finding a property in a neighbourhood that’s desirable and still has room to grow. Our ranking of the best neighbourhoods to buy a Toronto condo or townhouse will help you narrow down that search
downtown Toronto where condos and townhomes are lit up
The City of Toronto


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Buyers drive condo and townhouse prices up in Metro Toronto

We all know that Toronto’s property market spent a decade climbing. Buyers were forced out to the suburbs, had to go up in price or consider property types that were more affordable than single-family homes. Then came the government regulations such as the January 1 implementation of the new mortgage stress test which now requires all mortgage borrowers to qualify for a loan based on the posted five-year fixed rate. Talk about some serious erosion of buying power.

Yet, even with all these headwinds, buyers are still trying to get into Toronto’s property marketplace. That’s put a lot of demand on the more reasonably priced stock, such as condos and townhomes. Not a great situation to be in if you’re a first-time buyer, a downsizer or even an investor looking for the next property. To help, we ranked each neighbourhood in Metro Toronto based on value, potential future growth and desirability. The result is a list that ranks all the neighbourhoods in Toronto — and determines the best neighbourhoods to buy a Toronto condo or townhouse. Use our Canada (GTA & GVA) Condo & Townhouse Market Report to find the best neighbourhoods to buy a condo or townhouse and help you make an informed, smart property purchase in 2018.

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo in Metro Toronto in 2018

  1. Crescent Town, E03, Toronto – $248,110
  2. West Hill, E10, Toronto – $285,047
  3. Ionview, E04, Toronto – $203,056
  4. Waterfront Communities C8, C08, Toronto – $683,352
  5. Forest Hill North, C04, Toronto – $378,875
  6. Kennedy Park, E04, Toronto – $300,853
  7. Dorset Park, E04, Toronto – $390,247
  8. Annex, C02, Toronto – $1,312,474
  9. Humber Summit, W05, Toronto – $301,556
  10. Eglinton East, E08, Toronto – $333,530

10 Worst Neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo in Metro Toronto in 2018

  1. Maple Leaf, W04, Toronto – $224,317
  2. Casa Loma, C02, Toronto – $747,283
  3. New Toronto, W06, Toronto – $137,222
  4. Rexdale – Kipling, W10, Toronto – $125,571
  5. Stonegate – Queensway, W07, Toronto – $553,600
  6. Weston – Pellam Park, W03, Toronto – $420,964
  7. Lawrence Park North, Co4, Toronto – $484,571
  8. Greenwood – Coxwell, E01, Toronto – $182,800
  9. Bridle Path – Sunnybrook – York Mills, C12, Toronto – $1,146,960
  10. St. Andrew – Windfields, C12, Toronto – $895,820

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Metro Toronto in 2018

  1. Waterfront Communities C1, C01, Toronto – $920,354
  2. Kensington – Chinatown, C01, Toronto – $734,788
  3. Cabbagetown – South St. James Town, C08, Toronto, $577,704
  4. South Riverdale, E01, Toronto – $765,253
  5. York University Heights, W05, Toronto – $472,869
  6. Scarborough Village, E08, Toronto – $411,869
  7. The Beaches, E02, Toronto – $848,338
  8. Flemingdon Park, C11, Toronto – $280,250
  9. Niagara, C01, Toronto – $691,941
  10. Elms – Old Rexdale, W10, Toronto – $328,449

10 Worst Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Metro Toronto in 2018

  1. Alderwood, W06, Toronto – $314,643
  2. Humberlea – Pelmo Park, W05, Toronto – $443,926
  3. St. Andrews – Windfields, C12, Toronto – $984,979
  4. Mount Pleasant East, C10, Toronto – $1,00,143
  5. Markland Wood, W08, Toronto – $279,750
  6. New Toronto, W06, Toronto – $248,333
  7. Humber Heights, W09, Toronto – $383,500
  8. Wexford – Maryvale, E04, Toronto – $229,750
  9. Little Portugal, C01, Toronto – $681,143
  10. Rexdale – Kipling, W10, Toronto – $241,300

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