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10 most expensive homes in Toronto

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Grandiose, opulent, luxurious. These are just some of the adjectives used to describe these expensive homes in Toronto. Each of these properties is likely worth more than some of us make in a lifetime, but if you’re fortunate enough to have a significant budget, perhaps one of these homes is for you.

With a staggering interior and exterior design, these architectural and designer’s wonders are one of a kind when looking at location, design, and elements. From elevators to nanny’s quarters and even a gardener’s apartment with a separate entrance, some of these properties have luxurious features that go beyond your wildest dreams.

To analyze this a bit deeper, the following is a list of the most expensive Toronto properties currently up for grabs. For those who can afford them, of course.

1. 71 The Bridle Path, Toronto

Asking price: $32,000,000

71 the bridlepath toronto

The Details

  • Property taxes: $124,702
  • Size: 87,127 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 5+4
  • Bathrooms: 13
  • # Days on the Market: 76

Live in Toronto’s most prestigious address and the most luxurious, high-end property currently for sale. This stunning custom-built estate spans to over 87,127 square feet, all of them as grandiose and opulent as one would expect from Toronto’s most expensive home. You can forget about any additional costs since the property is relatively new. A two-storey grand salon, impressive Scarlett O’hara Stair with handcrafted iron, a cathedral ballroom, and a massive two-storey suite are just some of the features that you get from this ultra-luxurious property.

The grand fence surrounding the property provides isolation and security, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in the garden, chill in the outdoor pool or play some tennis in your very own private tennis court unobstructed and with peace.

2. 85 The Bridle Path, Toronto

Asking price: $22,900,000

85 the bridlepath toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $64,041
  • Size: 106,253 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 8+1
  • Bathrooms: 11
  • # Days on the Market: 73

Situated in Toronto’s most spectacular neighbourhood, this one of a kind historical castle was adjusted and turned into one of the most remarkable properties you can find. The interior perfects the balance between wood, glass, and stone to give the historical vibe that takes you back in the past when grandiose balls were held right in those rooms.

High-end appliances, opulent decorations, and handcrafted elements can be found in all corners, adding the perfect final touch to make this the ultimate historical, but yet modern and luxurious house for its proud owner.

3. 138 Dunvegan Rd, Toronto

Asking price: $22,300,000

138 dunvegan rd toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $24,273
  • Size: 13,920 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 5+2
  • Bathrooms: 12
  • # Days on the Market: 326

Without a doubt, this property is one of the most elegant Toronto homes offering every luxury element for modern-day life with all the lifestyle options one would expect. It provides thousands of square feet of living space that includes seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a library, a private gym, a wine cellar, a beautifully landscaped garden, an outside pool, and so much more.

The property also comes with an affordable yearly property tax of $24,273, considerably less than most other properties of its kind.

4. 194 Roxborough Dr, Toronto

Asking price: $21,500,000

194 roxborough dr toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $89,439
  • Size: 24,112 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 4+2
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • # Days on the Market: 341

Ideally situated in Prime Rosedale, this architectural marvel is awe-dropping on the outside as it is on the inside. It showcases comfort, elegance, and modernity you cannot find anywhere else! The luxury home offers spectacular hillside views through walls of glass, making this property is perfect for sophisticated art enthusiasts.

The stunning marble flooring laid out in all rooms contrasts the heavy wood elements and dominant colours, with it creating a stunningly elegant and luxurious interior that seems like it came out of a movie. An elevator is at your disposal to take you to any of the five levels in an instant, as well as a spa and pool for relaxation, garage with multiple parking spots, a basement and many other rooms with all high-end features you may want.

5. 8 High Point Rd, Toronto

Asking price: $19,998,888

8 High Point Rd

The Details

  • Property Taxes: 37,178
  • Size: 87,120 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 6+2
  • Bathrooms: 15
  • # Days on the Market: 58

This luxury home has everything from a stunning circular driveway to the interior monumental and carefully designed with the most delicate details. Amenities include: a luxurious master suite plus seven other bedrooms, staggering 15 bathrooms and washrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, basement, central air conditioning, and an indoor pool.

With a stone exterior and a steel roof, this house is built to last for centuries and protect against the elements, so you can be sure you’ll make a lifetime commitment by buying it.

6. 124 Park Rd, Toronto

Asking price: $19,800,000

124 park rd toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $59,493
  • Size: 30,978 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 9
  • # Days on the Market: 371

The coveted and historic mansion located in the elite South Rosedale area is one to admire. It’s close to the downtown area, but yet secluded and private with a beautiful landscape surrounding it. Every room has a story of its own, with unique design and elements that make you feel like you’re in a different property when you enter in every one of them.

No details were overlooked in the design of any of the rooms, so they are equipped with everything you may want: comfortable furniture, fun décor and multiple windows to brighten up the space. Read in the library, relax in the living room, swim in the pool or catch a bit of sun in the garden, everything is yours to enjoy

7. 24 Browside Avenue, Toronto, Forest Hill South

Asking price: $18,000,000

most expensive homes in toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $45,564
  • Size: 17,928 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 6+1
  • Bathrooms: 11
  • # Days on the Market: 60

One of the most expensive homes in Toronto, this property is custom made luxury living at its finest. Luscious gardens on the outside take you to the stunning interior decorated with wooden elements that scream luxury and superb craftsmanship. Refined wooden details and glorious furniture are in every room. Each of them crafted in with the house composition, so all rooms blend in perfect rustic harmony.

The entertainment area features a stunning indoor pool overlooking the gardens, a pool table and a private bar. Other prominent luxury features include several fireplaces, a piano, some of the most stunning chandeliers and handcrafted golden elements that top everything off. 

8. 61 The Bridle Path, Toronto, Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills

Asking price: $16,880,000

most expensive homes in toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $58,125
  • Size: 85,809 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 3+3
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • # Days on the Market: 126

Visually pleasing on both the inside and outside, this one-level masterpiece is a real beauty in one of the most prestigious addresses in Toronto. The magnificent open space design and discrete elements brighten up the rooms and give a feel of freshness and luxury at the same time.

This gated estate has the perfect balance of indoor-outdoor living with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the stunning gardens, a backyard with a decent size pool and your very own tennis court. 

9. 703 – 118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Annex

Asking price: $14,900,000

expensive homes in toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $46,784
  • Size: ~6,300 sqft  
  • Bedrooms: 3+1
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • # Days on the Market: 30

One of the most exclusive condo residences in Toronto awaits you! By blending classical renaissance and modern design, this one of a kind condo features some impressive elements made by expert artisans. The details in every room are immaculate and give a sophisticated but homey feeling anyone would enjoy. 

By purchasing this condo, you get a private elevator leading to your condo only, nine rooms, six balconies with stunning views, a wine cellar, and four parking spaces. Nothing is overlooked in this Hazelton Hotel condo. 

10. 20 High Point Rd, Toronto

Asking price: $15,000,000

20 high point rd toronto

The Details

  • Property Taxes: $44,516
  • Size: 130,410 sqft (lot)
  • Bedrooms: 5+1
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • # Days on the Market: 272

Elegantly crafted and carefully built, this mansion is spectacular from the circular driveway with a water fountain to the basement and gardener’s apartment. Besides six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, a variety of other themed rooms is at your disposal: a dance floor room, bar, sauna, exercise room, party and games room, so you can never be bored with anything to do.

A beautiful, handcrafted iron staircase rises from the living room to the upper floors where massive, abundant chandeliers brighten up the open space in the rooms. High windows also provide natural light at all times and offer views over the wondrous garden.

Toronto’s most expensive real estate is stunning in both looks, but also prices. Luxury is something everyone loves, but only a few can enjoy, and some of you may be the next owners of these immaculate, luxurious estates.

(All homes were for sale as of April 29, 2020)

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