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10 best cities for Canadian singles

If you’re searching for an opportunity to nurture warm, fuzzy feelings, you may want to consider where you live. Turns out romance reigns supreme for singles living in these 10 Canadian cities
best cities for singles in Canada

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Then stop. We’ve got the top 10 best cities for singles in Canada. For this list, we focused on both the sheer volume of single people in the city as well as the general vibe of each city. So if you’re keen on the mix and mingle here, are the 10 best cities for Canadian singles.

Best cities for being single in Canada

No. 10: Hamilton, Ontario

10 best cities for singles in Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Joe deSousa)

Considered the northern equivalent of Brooklyn, New York, the city of Hamilton grew exponentially in the last decade. Part of this growth was fuelled by people moving to an urban centre that was more affordable within the Golden Horseshoe areas. As a result, Hamilton is going through a bit of a renaissance, with lots of former Hammer-town natives moving back to the city. If you’re single and want to meet someone special, while getting in on the ground floor of an urban revolution, this is the place for you.

What’s the most romantic thing about Hamilton? If you’ve been on Instagram for more than five minutes, you’ll know that the waterfalls in Hamilton are where it’s at these days – so picturesque, and the perfect place to steal a kiss.

No. 9: St. John’s, Newfoundland

10 best cities for singles in Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Silverchemist)

Did you know that 13.2% of St. John’s total population is single men? This, alone, makes it the perfect place to bag an East Coast hunk, but add in the fact that the city has a lively small-town feel and a thriving coastal economy and it’s likely you’ll meet more than a few unattached and totally available people. Just a few reasons why St. John’s made it on our list for the best cities for singles in Canada.

What’s the most romantic thing about St. John’s? It has to be that clear coastal air and evenings spent gazing out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

No. 8: Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 10 best cities for singles in Canada
(Source: Flickr / Mack Male)

Edmonton is a city on the rise, and with plenty of young people moving to the core, it’s a hotbed for those looking to meet new people and find a love connection. The most exciting part about Edmonton, besides the high chance of meeting your soulmate, is that housing in Edmonton is still affordable. Not only can you settle down, but you can settle down and still have enough time and money left over for date nights.

What’s the most romantic thing about Edmonton? Strolling down Whyte Street in the neighbourhood of Old Strathcona is just about the perfect place to fall in love.

No. 7: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, BC, Canada. 10 best cities for singles in Canada
(Source: Flickr / Daderot)

While Vancouver’s cost of living is quite high, it’s hard to discount what the city has to offer when it comes to the single life. Vancouver features a bustling nightlife and plenty of opportunity for adventure. Whether it’s a culinary caper, an urban trek or an outdoor escape, this city has a tonne of first-date opportunities just waiting to happen.

What’s the most romantic thing about Vancouver? Vancouver is day-date paradise. There are plenty of patios, lots of parks (with beaches, park benches and lots of trails) and did we mention the mountains? This is a place where romance is always in the air.

No. 6: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Elsie Hui)

Did you know that Saskatoon is one of Canada’s youngest cities? Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes flock to the city because of employment opportunities and end up staying because of the life they build in this city.

What’s the most romantic thing about Saskatoon? The food scene in Saskatoon is growing, and many young singles like exploring potential partners over an appetizer or two at one of the many new restaurants that cropped up over the last few years.

No. 5: Kelowna, British Columbia

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Kelowna, BC
(Source: Flickr / Stuart Madden)

Right in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is one of the most peaceful and romantic spots in the world. Better still, Kelowna is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada making it an ideal spot to find a job. When you combine the professional opportunities with all the natural beauty on offer in this city, you’ll probably fall in love with Kelowna long before you walk marry your sweetheart.

What’s the most romantic thing about Kelowna? Climb up to the mountain, head down to the lake, or spend time on the farm—Kelowna has a little bit of everything, and we all know that variety is the spice of life in the recipe of love.

No. 4: Regina, Saskatchewan

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Grahampurse)

You might be surprised to learn that Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, happens to be one of the best places for singles in the country. Did you know that it ranks in the top 10 for both the amount of eligible women and men in the country? Not only that, but Regina is a picturesque playground in the heart of the Prairies.

What’s the most romantic thing about Regina? Regina is cozy and quaint, like a warm sweater. This is the kind of place where you find your forever love, whether in the local parks, pubs or on one of the city’s parks and outdoor spaces.

No. 3: Toronto, Ontario

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Jarita)

Thanks to the city’s population density, Toronto is an obvious choice when looking for love. There are multiple universities and plenty of people end up in this city due to work. While it might be an expensive city for dating, it’s still got plenty of options, making it our No. 3 spot in the best cities to be single in Canada.

What’s the most romantic thing about Toronto? Date-night patios or evenings in the park? There’s plenty of choice in all snack brackets when it comes time to wine and dine your true love.

No. 2: Montreal, Quebec

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Matias Garabedian)

Universities, check. European glamour, check. Low rents and lots of places to party, double check. Montreal isn’t just one of Canada’s largest cities, it’s also one of the most romantic. It also gives you that golden opportunity to dabble in the language of love!

What’s the most romantic thing about Montreal? Being able to share a warm bagel with that special someone, or a steaming batch of poutine, at one of the city’s many 24-hour purveyors is the ultimate in a date-night experience.

No. 1: Quebec City, Quebec

10 best cities for singles in Canada. Quebec City, Quebec
(Source: Wikimedia Commons / Luciano)

One of Canada’s oldest cities, Quebec City actually has the highest number of single men and single women in a Canadian city. This makes it the perfect place to meet and marry the date of your dreams.

What’s the most romantic thing about Quebec City? There is nothing better than wandering around historic Quebec City watching the first few flakes of snowfall to the ground. It’s magical and romantic and gives the perfect excuse to get inside and warm each other by the fire.

Whether you’re looking for the love of the century or your next fling, these are some of the most single-friendly places in the nation.

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