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Gift Guide: 10 great gifts for renters

Spread a little bit of that traditional holiday cheer with any one of these great gifts for the renter in your life. The best part? When they move they can...

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Top 10 villains in Canadian real estate

We all act badly but not all of us are caught, called out or have a public persona to protect. Here are a few names and companies that made our villainous list...

William Shatner Brad J Lamb Canada real estate villain

10 best cities for Canadian singles

If you’re searching for a romantic partner, you may want to consider where you live. Turns out romance reigns supreme for singles living in these 10 Canadian...

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17 strange real estate stories of 2017

Real estate isn't only about fair market value, appreciation and vacancy rates. Here are a few real estate stories from last year that are sure to make you...

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4 little known facts about Saskatoon

The number of people that call Canada home is slowly rising. The latest Statistics Canada count puts our nation’s population at just over 36.7-million...

4 little known facts about Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

10 best ski towns in Canada

Planning a powder trip this year? To help you narrow down the best ski resort town, check out the top 10 best ski towns in Canada

View of gondola and resorts at Mont Tremblant, Quebec