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7 apartments that cost less than a couch (across Canada)

7 apartments that cost less than a couch from Article

The couch. It’s gone through style changes, changed shape and even tried on various types of fabric but as a statement piece, it’s an essential. And don’t get us started on the comfort-factor. The type of couch sitting in your den, living room or entertainment centre says a lot about how you are and how you live. Our big question was whether one could actually find apartments that cost less than a couch in Canada?

A couch doesn’t complete a home without, well, a home. So we thought we’d find a few rentals that would surprise you, then, to find out that you can actually rent apartments that cost less than a couch? To test this theory, we took one standard couch and compared it to apartments you could lease across Canada. This is what we found.

First, a little bit about the couch

Article couch 7 apartments that cost less

Using Article, a site specifically reserved for Scandinavian furniture (not unlike the kind you might find at a large number of Swedish furniture outlets), we found the perfect couch. Equal parts modern, cozy, and versatile, this couch costs a cool $1,549 CDN (before taxes and shipping).

So, what can you expect to rent across this nation on a budget that’s slightly higher than $1,500? Let’s find out.


View of a living room with white furniture
Kijiji – 99 Dowling Street, Toronto, Bachelor/Studio, $1,255 per month

While the Toronto market might not be kind to renters, there are options if you don’t mind cozy. This apartment can be found in Toronto’s vibrant, if not a bit rough around the edges, Parkdale neighbourhood — a community that is super close to public transit, a No Frills grocery store, and is one of the city’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods with cools cafes and trendy restaurants. At $1,255 a month, though, it’s a steal. The only problem: You might fit our couch through the door, much less find a place for it to exist.


Vancouver apartment for rent
Kijiji – 1114 & 1132 Howie Street, Coquitlam, 1 bedroom, $1,335 per month

If you thought the Toronto market was unforgiving, please feel free to skip over Vancouver. For less than this couch, you are only going to be able to find rentals far outside of Metro Vancouver — in lovely places like Coquitlam or Port Moody. While you’ll have just enough room for this couch, the average commute downtown is going to take about 1 hour (using the SkyTrain). Is it worth it? It depends on the couch, we suppose!


Montreal apartment for rent
Kijiji – on Waverly near Van Horne, Montreal, 1 bedroom loft, $1,350 per month

Compared to Canada’s other two largest cities, Montreal’s rental scene is going to seem like a beautiful dream. Not only are you able to find way more affordable rentals, but we even took the time to find the kind of place that would match our new couch perfectly. At $1,350 a month, you can live in this finished loft-style apartment, right in the heart of the Mile End (close to the metro system, trendy restaurants, and even the iconic St. Viateur 24/7 bagel shop). Best of all, it is the perfect aesthetic complement to our new statement piece.


Halifax apartment for rent
Kijiji – Close to Downtown Halifax, 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom, $1,450 per month

After having to be pretty judicious with the amount of space we have, moving out to Halifax with our new couch seems like the perfect idea. For just $1,450 a month, we can even share our dream couch with a roommate in this two-bed, two-bath setup. Located just outside of Downtown Halifax, and right on the shores of Long Lake, you’re only a short drive from a host of key amenities (in the charming neighbourhood of Spryfield). Plus the apartment comes with in-suite laundry and there’s a large gym located on the first-floor of the building making it easy for you to stop from becoming a permanent couch-potato fixture.


Calgary apartment for rent
Kijiji – 912 6th Avenue SW, Calgary, 1 bedroom, $950 per month

For only two thirds of the price of our new couch, per month, you can live right smack dab in Downtown Calgary. In the modern Vista Tower, this unit comes in at a cool $995, which is low enough to make us start questioning whether we spent too much on our couch. With a rent this low, though, there’s a loveseat we have our eyes on that would make for the perfect complementary piece – why not stock up?


Edmonton apartment for rent
Kijij – Oliver Condo, Edmonton, 2 bedroom, $1,400 per month

The perfect place in Edmonton for our new baby has to be a two-bedroom situated right in the heart of the hip and happening brewery district. The unit is ground level and includes in-suite washer and dryer, a large patio with a natural gas BBQ and two tandem underground parking spaces as well as an underground storage unit.This spacious apartment is to key amenities – there’s a Loblaws, a cool coffee house, and a MEC right across the way. This is a first-class retreat for our first-class couch.

Quebec City

Quebec City apartments for rent
Kijiji – 30 Ste. Ursule Street, Quebec City, 1 bedroom, $830 per month

Last, but certainly not least, we needed to find a place in cool, European elegance of Quebec’s capital city to house our latest purchase. While it might be a bit rough around the edges, we felt that we could really spruce up this $830 a month residence. The exterior is stunning, even if the interior is old and a bit outdated, and our couch would be the first step in glamorizing this space right in the heart of Old Quebec. Plus, you’re steps away from the heartbeat of the city on Rue Saint-Jean, with views of the citadel right in your own backyard. It’s a fixer-upper, but it is downright gorgeous!

There’s a comfy abode for just about every couch, and as we canvassed the nation we fully realized that an apartment is what you make of it. No matter the size, or the price, if you fill it with the right pieces, and the right attitude, it can easily be home.

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