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4 little known facts about Saskatoon

4 little known facts about Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The number of people that call Canada home is slowly rising. The latest Statistics Canada count puts our nation’s population at just over 36.7-million people. Yet, just only 1.16-million live in the province of Saskatchewan and just under 300,000 live in the province’s largest city, Saskatoon.

It’s easy, then, to skip over this magnificent Prairie place. But you shouldn’t. As one of Canada’s youngest cities, it’s home to a storied past and an exciting future. Here are four little-known facts about Saskatoon that make it one of our favourite cities in Canada’s heartland.

No. 1:
They take the double-double tradition very seriously

4 little known facts about Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tim Hortons parade float

Canada has a serious obsession with its coffee and with Tim Horton’s coffee in particular. This long-standing coffee empire has been churning out biscuits, bagels, and donuts—and don’t forget the Timbits—almost nonstop since they first opened their doors on May 17, 1964.

But despite opening the first of the franchise in Hamilton, Ontario, residents of Saskatoon soon expressed their Timmie’s love.Now, the city of Saskatoon has the most locations, per capita, than anywhere else in Canada. This is a city that is serious about the double-double.

No. 2:
What do Paris and Saskatoon have in common?

4 little known facts about Saskatoon
Reid Bykowy

If you answered “bridges” you are correct!

Saskatoon is Canada’s “city of bridges,” thanks to the seven bridges that span the city, all of which cross the South Saskatchewan River. In total, the city boasts seven bridges, 47 overpasses, 21 pedestrian crossings, and 19.2 kilometres of sound-proof walls.

Turns out these bridges played a key role in the development of Saskatoon, as well as the province of Saskatchewan, in general. The bridges and overpasses act as hubs and as major transportation passages across the province and, ultimately, across the country.

In particular, check out University Bridge, which is beautiful in any season.

No. 3:
The coldest bicycle ride on the planet

4 little known facts about Saskatoon
The Sheaf

We’re known as a country that likes to have fun, no matter what time of year or what the weather is like outside. So, one of the most interesting facts about Saskatoon is that the city hosts an annual Ice Cycle. The event occurs each year in February and it’s dubbed the coldest bicycle ride on the planet. This means only the heartiest of cyclists brave the cold to enjoy an hour-long ride in the blustery, bone-chilling winter weather that sweeps across the Prairies. Afterwards, participants get plenty of chili and warm drinks to thaw out their core. This might just be one of the world’s greatest showings of physical fortitude on two wheels!

No. 4:
It’s home to a religious site and an engineering wonder!

4 little known facts about Saskatoon
Traveling Tour Guide

The Third Avenue United Church is the third largest church of its kind in Canada. Now almost 100 years old—it was built in 1913—it’s age isn’t the only thing impressive feature about this building. Despite its size, the building was built without pillars giving it an open, airy feeling. For churchgoers, the architectural feat was considered a divine miracle. These days, the church is a beautiful display of gothic architecture and it’s still considered one of the most visually striking churches in all of Canada.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about what makes Saskatoon interesting, why not do a little bit more research and find out more about what makes this city tick? There is so much going on here, it’s hard to miss. Take a look for yourself, and discover this city today with our interesting facts about Saskatoon.

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