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Where to buy a condo or townhouse in Abbotsford and Mission in 2018

Historic charm in downtown Abbotsford offers welcoming neighbourhood

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Looking for a more affordable home in Abbotsford & Mission

If you’re looking to buy a condo or townhouse in Abbotsford or Mission, chances are you’re looking for a more affordable property and place to set down roots. The good news is that developers finally realized in the last number of years that this area was prime for newer condo and townhouse complexes. As a result, there’s a lot more stock to choose from and in a variety of price ranges. The more expensive options will primarily be the newer complexes and units, while older units will offer more space but higher maintenance fees and a need to do more updating.

Still, if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to buy a condo or townhouse in the Abbotsford / Mission area, this report may help you decide.

We examined the market trends for condos and townhomes in this Lower Mainland region over the last five years. We factored in the current value, ongoing pricing momentum as well as community desirability. The result is a rank every neighbourhood in Abbotsford and New Westminster of the best neighbourhoods to buy a condo or townhouse. Consider this your initial step towards finding that perfect first-time home, downsizing option or next investment property. 

Keep in mind that, unlike other rankings in the Greater Vancouver Area, we didn’t include a “worst neighbourhoods” list for Abbotsford and Mission. Condos and townhomes aren’t as common in this area of the Lower Mainland and that means that fewer neighbourhoods will offer these types of properties.

5 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo in Abbotsford and Mission in 2018

  1. Central Abbotsford, Abbotsford – $243,808
  2. Abbotsford East, Abbotsford – $241,891
  3. Abbotsford West, Abbotsford – $242,763
  4. Poplar, Abbotsford – $253,479
  5. Mission, Mission, BC – $233,481

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Abbotsford and Mission in 2018

  1. Abbotsford East, Abbotsford – $490,634
  2. Matsqui, Abbotsford – $412,667
  3. Lake Errock, Mission – $368,490*
  4. Poplar, Abbotsford – $384,913
  5. Central Abbotsford, Abbotsford – $439,019
  6. Mission-BC, Mission – $368,490*
  7. Abbotsford West, Abbotsford – $424,224
  8. Hemlock, Mission – $203,000
  9. Aberdeen, Abbotsford – $450,343
  10. Mission-West, Mission – $368,490*

*There was no data for townhomes in 2017 for these areas, so area average price from 2017 was used. These neighbourhoods ranked in the top 10 list because of high neighbourhood desirability (economic score).

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