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Where to buy a condo or townhouse in Whistler and Squamish in 2018

Whistler Village in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Whistler Village condos townhomes
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Finding a home just steps from world-class mountains

Who doesn’t want to own a condo or townhouse just steps from world-class ski hills, mountain biking and climbing spots? No wonder Whistler and Squamish of grown and developed over the last decade. But it’s not just investors and vacationers that are looking for a real estate deal in this picturesque B.C. cities — it’s also families and provincial residents who want to escape the high-prices of Vancouver and cut down on their after-work commute to their favourite activities. But just because prices are a bit more reasonable in Whistler and Squamish doesn’t mean you want to ignore market fundamentals. Location is everything and we all know that even the best cities have various types of neighbourhoods.

To help, we analyzed each neighbourhood in Whistler and Squamish to determine relative value, price momentum and desirability (what we call an economic score) to come up with a rank of the best neighbourhoods to buy a condo or townhouse. Keep in mind, these are growing communities and not all neighbourhoods offer townhomes or condos. For that reason, the best neighbourhoods for condos is shorter than the best neighbourhoods to find a townhouse for sale. Still, use the Condo and Townhouse Market Report to short-list the best ‘hoods and then concentrate on finding a property that suits your needs and budget.

5 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Condo in Whistler and Squamish in 2018

  1. Whistler Village, Whistler – $446,448
  2. Whistler Creek, Whistler – $317,494
  3. Benchlands, Whistler – $633,301
  4. Nordic, Whistler – $420,762
  5. Blueberry Hill, Whistler – $1,019,625

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Whistler and Squamish in 2018

  1. Whistler Village, Whistler – $986,388
  2. Whistler Cay Estates, Whistler – $938,000
  3. Whistler Creek, Whistler – $769,067
  4. Brio, Whistler – $699,000
  5. Alpine Meadows, Whistler – $688,609
  6. Benchlands, Whistler – $1,286,528
  7. Alta Vista, Whistler – $719,714
  8. White Gold, Whistler – $2,621,333
  9. Whistler Cay Heights, Whistler – $938,000
  10. Spring Creek, Whistler – $1,192,500

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