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Where to Buy a Townhouse in Whistler and Squamish in 2019 – Full Ranking

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There’s been a tonne of activity in the resort-towns (and outdoor meccas) north of West Vancouver.

There’s a vastly increased number of developments, new properties and proposals coming out of Squamish and Whistler. Part of this push to develop these two distinct cities was access to the outdoors. World-class climbing in Squamish (yes, there’s also mountain biking!) and world-class skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking in Whistler. It’s hard to fight the draw to these communities.

But the two cities haven’t grown and developed at the same rate. Whistler, already a very developed resort-town, has been much faster at developing multi-family housing units. Now, there are “zoned” areas where property owners may or may not rent out facilities. Plus, the sale of the ski resort to a large U.S. buyer  — and the subsequent marketing move away from domestic patronage to international visitors — means Whistler is now seeing loads of dollars, sales and restrictions. It’s not quite the same in Squamish, yet.

Perhaps this is why Whistler dominated this year’s top spots.

Below is the full list that ranks each community based on the highest overall scores in value, momentum and economic desirability.

You can narrow down your townhome search by using the search function to display neighbourhoods only within a certain area (city) or district (larger municipality area).

RANKDISTRICTAREANEIGHBOURHOOD2018 Avg. price% price differential vs. Area% price differential vs. DistrictVALUE SCORE% 1-Year Appreciation% 5-Year AppreciationMOMENTUM SCORE WALKTRANSITAVERAGE REALTOR SCOREFINAL SCOREOverall Rank
1Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWhistler Cay Estates$636,250.0068.2%77.2%103.5%72.230%93%69.0670.6472.00427.2166.0868.3610
2Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerAlpine Meadows$795,000.0085.2%96.4%129.3%54.1215%132%89.0571.5930.00377.1360.2865.9323
3Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWhistler Creek$986,108.00105.6%119.6%160.4%31.8228%121%94.2263.0241.00386.7859.1861.1056
4Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerBayshores$844,250.0090.4%102.4%137.4%48.2226%90%86.2467.2331.00386.1553.7560.4965
5Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWhistler Cay Heights$1,214,111.00130.1%147.2%197.5%14.7029%99%89.7152.2062.00427.3065.6758.9476
6Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerBenchlands$1,956,660.00209.6%237.3%318.3%3.6952%124%96.0449.8667.00427.1364.9857.4286
7Real Estate Board of GVSquamishBrackendale$673,067.0093.5%81.6%109.5%59.4514%77%58.8659.1531.00216.7754.6856.9291
8Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerBrio$724,000.0077.6%87.8%117.8%63.214%70%41.3352.2729.00417.0860.6556.4695
9Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWhite Gold$3,800,000.00407.1%460.8%618.2%0.3645%121%96.6648.5148.00347.5064.1056.3096
10Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerBlueberry Hill$1,672,733.00179.2%202.8%272.1%6.1837%111%94.3050.2412.00377.4961.0155.62106
11Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerGreen Lake Estates$3,066,333.00328.5%371.8%498.9%1.0728%179%98.7249.89-377.1157.1853.54122
12Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerAlta Vista$769,042.0082.4%93.3%125.1%58.247%30%39.4748.867.00396.7455.6952.28140
13Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerNordic$1,229,708.00131.7%149.1%200.1%13.9236%80%75.2944.6115.00376.0651.3447.97178
14Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerSpring Creek$1,329,333.00142.4%161.2%216.3%10.3711%94%74.5242.458.00385.4546.5744.51192
15Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerNesters$1,098,000.00117.6%133.2%178.6%20.4511%N/A40.3330.3936.00385.9953.1441.77205
16Real Estate Board of GVSquamishBrennan Center$781,286.00108.5%94.7%127.1%41.555%N/A11.0626.3112.00277.0455.8941.10211
17Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerRainbow$2,370,000.00253.9%287.4%385.6%1.6333%98%81.0541.3416.00364.0036.8039.07217
18Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerCheakamus Crossing$1,266,633.00135.7%153.6%206.1%13.140N/A17.7215.4320.00387.5062.1038.77220
19Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWhistler Village$1,315,706.00140.9%159.6%214.1%11.0133%120%94.1252.5674.004215.8034.18240
20Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerEmerald Estates$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--29.00247.6160.9530.47273
21Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerBlack Tusk - Pinecrest$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--42.00386.9260.2230.11278
22Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWestside$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--18.00387.0358.5829.29291
23Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerFunction Junction$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--40386.5957.7628.88296
24Real Estate Board of GVSquamishBusiness Park$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--27.00276.8656.1528.07299
25Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerCallaghan$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A----7.7554.2527.13312
26Real Estate Board of GVSquamishBritannia Beach$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--18.00-6.7449.0124.50330
27Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerWedgeWoods$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A----6.9948.9124.45331
28Real Estate Board of GVWhistlerSpruce Grove$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A1.690.8424379.805.32351

5 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Whistler & Squamish in 2019

  1. Whistler Cay Estates, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $636,250
  2. Alpine Meadows, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $795,000
  3. Whistler Creek, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $986,108
  4. Bayshores, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $844,250
  5. Whistler Cay Heights, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $1,214,111

5 Worst Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Whistler & Squamish in 2019

  1. Cheakamus Crossing, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $1,266,633
  2. Rainbow, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $2,370,000
  3. Brennan Centre, Squamish, Greater Vancouver – $781,286
  4. Nesters, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $1,098,000
  5. Spring Creek, Whistler, Greater Vancouver – $1,329,333
Where to buy a townhouse in Squamish and Whistler in 2019

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