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Where to Buy a Townhouse in Burnaby and New Westminster in 2019 – Full Ranking

Housing Market Report   Greater Vancouver   Towhhouse 2019   Full Ranking

Burnaby and New Westminster are two thriving cities that boast easy access to recreation, green space and excellent city amenities. Though once considered bedroom communities (they are both located east or southeast of the City of Vancouver), today these two cities are thriving on their own.

Part of the draw is the smaller-town feel with the big-city options. These are large Lower Mainland cities that offer great commuter access to a variety of major employers, but they’re small enough to retain a strong community identity. For buyers, there’s a range of popular residential area each offering a variety of home choices. Buyers looking for more space, less maintenance and a more affordable purchase price, a townhouse in Burnaby or New Westminster may be the solution.

To get a complete picture, see the full ranking below, where each community in Burnaby and New Westminster were scored based on value, momentum and economic desirability.

You can narrow down your townhome search by using the search function to display neighbourhoods only within a certain area (city) or district (larger municipality area).

RANKDISTRICTAREANEIGHBOURHOOD2018 Avg. price% price differential vs. Area% price differential vs. DistrictVALUE SCORE% 1-Year Appreciation% 5-Year AppreciationMOMENTUM SCORE WALKTRANSITAVERAGE REALTOR SCOREFINAL SCOREOverall Rank
1Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterDowntown NW$692,063.0089.7%83.9%112.6%60.3711%88%75.0867.7296.00815.7465.9966.8617
2Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthCentral Park BS$810,563.0098.6%98.3%131.9%45.6718%92%77.6061.6347.00867.1171.6566.6418
3Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthVancouver Heights$742,333.0098.0%90.0%120.8%51.4915%84%77.3364.4156.00666.9867.6366.0222
4Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthMetrotown$856,580.00104.2%103.9%139.4%39.2813%74%62.9851.1394.00927.3979.5465.3327
5Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthMontecito$652,927.0086.2%79.2%106.2%65.5513%80%72.4168.9836.00546.4559.5564.2732
6Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthHighgate$697,467.0084.8%84.6%113.5%61.369%77%61.4561.4168.00566.6664.5963.0042
7Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby EastEdmonds BE$657,268.0093.4%79.7%106.9%61.9312%61%47.9554.9483.00597.2570.8562.9043
8Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterUptown NW$698,405.0090.5%84.7%113.6%57.9525%91%81.7069.8395.00575.0055.9062.8644
9Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthCentral BN$801,552.00105.8%97.2%130.4%41.6212%71%57.9749.7990.00886.5072.1060.9560
10Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthGreentree Village$686,083.0083.5%83.2%111.6%63.995%73%47.7255.8639.00567.2565.8560.8562
11Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthWillingdon Heights$767,760.00101.4%93.1%124.9%47.730%67%39.4143.5777.00777.8377.9360.7564
12Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthCariboo$544,250.0071.9%66.0%88.5%78.20046%22.8150.5130.00697.4668.9959.7568
13Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterGlenBrooke North$577,667.0074.9%70.1%94.0%75.577%48%34.6655.1179.00546.4263.6759.3969
14Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby EastEast Burnaby$695,975.0098.9%84.4%113.2%54.1924%69%56.7955.4935.00487.1162.8859.1872
15Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterQueensborough$748,465.0097.0%90.8%121.8%51.6310%77%60.4056.0244.00466.9462.2059.1174
16Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthForest Hills BN$750,969.0099.2%91.1%122.2%50.0720%67%61.1655.6218.00646.7061.5058.5679
17Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthCapitol Hill BN$619,600.0081.8%75.1%100.8%70.886%50%28.3349.6056.00626.9566.6858.1482
18Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthSperling-Duthie$479,500.0063.3%58.1%78.0%81.11-7%31%12.6246.8664.00626.5864.8855.87104
19Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthWestridge BN$662,525.0087.5%80.3%107.8%64.134%84%57.3260.7350524.9049.7055.21109
20Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthGovernment Road$811,214.00107.1%98.4%132.0%39.637%69%52.0745.8538.00726.6064.4355.14110
21Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthParkcrest$520,000.0068.7%63.1%84.6%79.47-20%53%16.7948.1347.00656.2761.5754.85112
22Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthSimon Fraser Hills$604,350.0079.8%73.3%98.3%72.370%52%31.2651.8242.00755.3456.5954.20117
23Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthSouth Slope$743,891.0090.5%90.2%121.0%55.6810%70%46.6351.1644.00715.1354.5252.84128
24Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthSullivan Heights$768,555.00101.5%93.2%125.0%47.37-9%41%18.8933.1365.00826.9871.7452.44135
25Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthForest Glen BS$822,571.00100.1%99.7%133.8%43.5418%73%58.6751.1035.00485.7753.4852.29139
26Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthSimon Fraser Univer.$649,016.0085.7%78.7%105.6%66.05-3%44%20.2243.1354.00635.9859.8451.48143
27Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthBurnaby Lake$905,619.00110.2%109.8%147.3%33.104%86%66.5549.826.00406.2452.3151.07148
28Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthBrentwood Park$782,580.00103.3%94.9%127.3%45.17-9%45%24.9435.0651.00736.5865.7850.42153
29Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthBurnaby Hospital$798,250.0097.1%96.8%129.9%47.091%58%30.1038.5970.00576.1661.5350.06159
30Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby EastThe Crest$896,106.00127.4%108.7%145.8%26.923%60%32.4529.6859.00526.6562.8646.27186
31Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterQuay$820,000.00106.3%99.4%133.4%39.918%N/A38.3039.118.00-7.0550.1844.64190
32Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterFraserview NW$639,341.0082.9%77.5%104.0%68.61-11%29%10.1739.3912.00405.6048.4243.91194
33Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthUpper Deer Lake$1,010,000.00122.9%122.5%164.3%21.16066%19.9120.5412.00467.4262.3241.43208
34Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthBig Bend$908,236.00110.5%110.1%147.8%32.53-8%52%21.7327.1350.00425.9955.3441.24210
35Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthOaklands$1,199,395.00145.9%145.4%195.1%12.933%52%27.9220.4237.00555.0349.8835.15228
36Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthBuckingham Heights$991,500.00120.6%120.2%161.3%22.870N/A-11.4329.00506.5058.4034.92231
37Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterNorth Arm$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--96.00817.1375.7437.87221
38Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterWest End NW$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--66.00727.1971.3635.68227
39Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterThe Heights NW$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A1.690.8473487.4268.8234.83233
40Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterBrunette$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--60.00776.7468.5934.30237
41Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterMoody Park$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--93586.7868.3734.18239
42Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterConnaught Heights$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--41.00826.6667.1533.57245
43Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterSapperton$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%N/A3.391.6970.00756.1565.0533.37248
44Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthOakdale$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--71.00686.3465.1132.55254
45Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthGarden Village$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--58.00736.1063.1031.55259
46Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthDeer Lake Place$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--20.00407.4261.9530.97265
47Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthSuncrest$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0-100%3.031.5227.00695.7056.4028.96295
48Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby NorthLake City Industrial$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--35.00675.3954.6227.31308
49Real Estate Board of GVNew WestminsterQueens Park$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%-100%6.423.2153.00524.9150.0426.62313
50Real Estate Board of GVBurnaby SouthDeer Lake$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--12.00465.9251.8525.93324

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Burnaby and New Westminster in 2019

  1. Downtown NW, New Westminster – $692,063
  2. Central Park BS, Burnaby – $810,563
  3. Vancouver Heights, Burnaby – $742,333
  4. Metrotown, Burnaby – $856,580
  5. Montecito, Burnaby – $652,927
  6. Highgate, Burnaby – $697,467
  7. Edmonds, Burnaby East – $657,268
  8. Uptown NW, New Westminster – $698,405
  9. Central BN, Burnaby North – $801,552
  10. Greentree Village, Burnaby South – $686,083

10 Worst Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse in Burnaby and New Westminster in 2019

  1. Buckingham Heights, Burnaby – $991,500
  2. Oaklands, Burnaby – $1,199,395
  3. Big Bend, Burnaby – $908,236
  4. Upper Deer Lake, Burnaby – $1,010,000
  5. Fraserview NW, New Westminster – $639,341
  6. Quay, New Westminster – $820,000
  7. The Crest, Burnaby – $896,106
  8. Burnaby Hospital, Burnaby – $798,250
  9. Brentwood Park, Burnaby – $782,580
  10. Burnaby Lake, Burnaby South – $905,619
Where to buy a townhouse in Burnaby and New Westminster

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