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Where to Buy a Townhouse on the North Shore in 2019 – Full Ranking

Housing Market Report   North Shore   Towhhouse 2019   Full Ranking

Last year’s sales activity on the North Shore was certainly anaemic, particularly when compared to the sales activity (and price appreciation) of previous years. It’s not too surprising. The North Shore is known for its more expensive price-point — and homes in higher price brackets have taken the brunt of the real estate market slowdown that started in January 2018 and continued right up until the 2019 spring selling market.

For the North Shore, this slow down meant that about half of all neighbourhoods didn’t report sales of townhomes (or reported too few for statistical comparisons). That means this year’s list ranking was certainly cut down — dropping from a potential 70 competing communities to about 35 neighbourhoods that registered townhouse sales in 2018.

North Vancouver dominates this year’s ranking

While a slow down like this can prompt concerns, it should also be a signal to buyers to really look for those neighbourhoods that may be under-valued in this uncertain market. What do I mean? In the end, you want a neighbourhood that offers good value — great amenities, but with more affordable average housing costs — has strong momentum (price appreciation is strong and steady) and good economic prospects (high Realtor scores, along with good transit access and walking options).

This year, North Vancouver seems to dominate all three of these categories, when it comes to townhomes. This city has quickly grown up in the last decade due, in part, to the massive real estate bubble West Vancouver experienced. Buyers who wanted to stay close to the mountains found solace in North Vancouver neighbourhoods, which offered properties at a better price-point then West Vancouver communities. Developers took notice, as well. In the last five years, builders have bought, torn down and built a variety of developments — many, of which, offered first-time buyers access to the North Shore through more affordably priced condos and townhouses.

This year, the top 10 neighbourhoods were all located in North Vancouver (on the flipside, only 2 of the 10 “worst” ‘hoods to buy this year were located in North Vancouver).

To get a complete picture, see the full ranking below, where each community in West Vancouver and North Vancouver were scored based on value, momentum and economic desirability.

You can narrow down your townhome search by using the search function to display neighbourhoods only within a certain area (city) or district (larger municipality area).

RANKDISTRICTAREANEIGHBOURHOOD2018 Avg. price% price differential vs. Area% price differential vs. DistrictVALUE SCORE % 1-Year Appreciation% 5-Year AppreciationMOMENTUM SCORE WALKTRANSITAVERAGE REALTOR SCOREFINAL SCOREOverall Rank
1Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverLynnmour$953,451.0093.5%115.6%155.1%40.556%102%73.3756.9658.00616.7965.5361.2454
2Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverWestlynn Terrace$974,625.0095.6%118.2%158.6%38.71080%44.6041.66961007.3280.8261.2455
3Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverPemberton Heights$796,500.0078.1%96.6%129.6%57.100141%59.6858.3970.00566.0160.2659.3270
4Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverNorgate$857,500.0084.1%104.0%139.5%50.143%78%51.4250.7879.00596.5765.6758.2281
5Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverUpper Lonsdale$720,621.0070.7%87.4%117.2%64.427%54%40.4352.4368.00456.4661.0156.7293
6Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverLynn Valley$1,004,518.0098.5%121.8%163.4%35.2312%83%61.4748.3572.00466.3260.6654.51114
7Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverHamilton$862,986.0084.7%104.7%140.4%49.435%55%33.4741.4581.00556.7766.5253.98120
8Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverDeep Cove$1,181,917.00115.9%143.3%192.3%18.6116%135%69.3443.9764.00386.9662.7253.34124
9Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverDelbrook$599,894.0058.8%72.7%97.6%75.2109%5.2640.2353.00407.2564.0552.14141
10Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverPemberton NV$554,000.0054.3%67.2%90.1%78.620N/A-39.3170.00566.3862.8351.07147
11Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverCentral Lonsdale$1,030,159.00101.1%124.9%167.6%32.950%61%32.4532.7090.0058.006.9769.4151.06149
12Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverSeymour NV$848,127.0083.2%102.8%138.0%51.92-3%52%23.0337.4843.00596.4060.9249.20168
13Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverCedardale$752,000.0091.2%91.2%122.3%53.98-10%26%17.0235.5055.00396.7460.5048.00177
14Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverCanyon Heights NV$1,150,000.00112.8%139.5%187.1%21.0912%60%46.2333.6623.00437.3162.0547.86179
15Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverLower Lonsdale$1,108,549.00108.7%134.4%180.4%24.575%71%54.0239.3091.00604.0049.1044.20193
16Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverNorthlands$1,075,211.00105.5%130.4%174.9%29.26-9%50%20.6724.9626.00407.2861.5343.24196
17Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverGrouse Woods$1,165,167.00114.3%141.3%189.6%19.67-3%67%42.4631.0723.00-7.4154.1642.61199
18Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverDeer Ridge WV$2,000,000.00242.5%242.5%325.4%2.63-4%83%49.4326.032387.1257.6441.83204
19Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverRoche Point$1,096,819.00107.6%133.0%178.4%26.356%62%40.3233.3330385.6450.0841.71206
20Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverOlde Caulfeild$1,122,500.00136.1%136.1%182.6%15.344%60%26.4420.8953.00317.2762.3841.64207
21Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverWhitby Estates$3,325,000.00403.2%403.2%540.9%0.7117%53%37.1118.9166486.4461.2640.09213
22Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverHowe Sound$1,350,000.00163.7%163.7%219.6%8.81-9%47%21.2715.0492.00526.4064.4039.72214
23Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverEdgemont$1,605,600.00157.5%194.7%261.2%8.031%41%19.5713.8073.00486.7864.3739.09215
24Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverCapilano NV$988,500.0097.0%119.9%160.8%36.72-13%38%11.5824.1550.00455.6953.8138.98218
25Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverAmbleside$1,267,900.00153.8%153.8%206.3%11.51-4%41%16.6914.1093.00546.2463.7638.93219
26Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverDundarave$1,870,000.00226.8%226.8%304.2%3.76021%23.4113.5876.00486.3761.7737.68222
27Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverChelsea Park$1,883,500.00228.4%228.4%306.4%3.4111%51%32.3817.9015.00336.6454.5836.24224
28Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverQueensbury$1,297,250.00127.3%157.3%211.1%13.350N/A-6.6862.00467.0864.9335.80225
29Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverDollarton$1,656,000.00162.4%200.8%269.4%7.320N/A1.904.6156.00347.1462.3733.49247
30Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverHorseshoe Bay WV$1,488,900.00180.6%180.6%242.2%7.320N/A-3.6652.00446.7861.4632.56253
31Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverBritish Properties$1,700,000.00206.2%206.2%276.6%5.330N/A-2.6623.00397.4262.0632.36256
32Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverFurry Creek$1,354,750.00164.3%164.3%220.4%8.45035%10.399.427.00-7.0349.8929.66284
33Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverPanorama Village$1,847,500.00224.0%224.0%300.6%4.12-8%42%22.0713.106.00395.3245.6629.38289
34Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverIndian River$978,889.0096.0%118.7%159.3%38.00-8%52%20.0729.03---14.52349
35Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverPark Royal$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%N/A3.391.6987.00566.7667.2134.45234
36Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverWestlynn$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%N/A1.700.8578.00487.1567.4534.15241
37Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverCalverhall$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--54.00577.3368.1334.07243
38Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverCaulfeild$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0-100%3.031.5260.00586.8765.6833.60244
39Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverUpper Caulfeild$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%-100%6.423.2155.00397.1763.5233.37249
40Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverHamilton Heights$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--81.00556.7266.1633.08251
41Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverForest Hills NV$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--67.00417.1364.7832.39255
42Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverWest Bay$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--4.00418.0064.6032.30257
43Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverUpper Delbrook$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--53.00407.1463.3031.65258
44Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverRockridge$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--23.00397.5663.0431.52260
45Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverTempe$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--46.00486.7861.6730.84267
46Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverBoulevard$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--63.00506.4261.2530.62269
47Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverSandy Cove$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--4.00417.5261.2330.62270
48Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverSentinel Hill$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--60.00586.2261.1430.57271
49Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverCanterbury WV$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--29.00417.1260.9230.46274
50Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverQueens$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--20.00407.2560.7530.38275
51Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverEagle Harbour$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--9.00417.3360.4330.22276
52Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverBayridge$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--20407.1359.8829.94279
53Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverPorteau Cove$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--46.00386.7959.7429.87280
54Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverAltamont$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--87.00565.6459.3829.69283
55Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverBraemar$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--19.00357.1659.0329.51286
56Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverWesthill$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--3.00307.4558.4529.23292
57Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverCypress$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--9.00407.0157.9728.99294
58Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverChartwell$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--4.00416.7956.1328.06300
59Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverLions Bay$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0-100%4.722.3613107.1153.1027.73303
60Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverPrincess Park$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--24.00436.3455.4127.70304
61Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverGleneagles$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--28.00416.3155.1627.58305
62Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverEagleridge$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--4.00396.5954.3627.18309
63Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverWhytecliff$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--2.00386.6554.3527.18310
64Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverWindsor Park NV$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--26.00415.9352.3026.15322
65Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverIndian Arm$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A----7.4251.9225.96323
66Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverWestmount WV$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--9406.1351.8325.91325
67Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverBlueridge NV$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%--100%N/A1.700.8510.00286.3150.7625.81326
68Real Estate Board of GVNorth VancouverWoodlands-Sunshine-Cascade$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A----7.3251.2225.61328
69Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverCypress Park Estates$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0N/A--5.00385.7948.6324.31334
70Real Estate Board of GVWest VancouverGlenmore$0.000.0%0.0%0.0%-0-100%4.722.362.00234.9139.1420.75343

10 Best Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse on the North Shore in 2019

  1. Lynnmour, North Vancouver – $953,451
  2. Westlynn Terrace, North Vancouver – $974,625
  3. Pemberton Heights, North Vancouver – $796,500
  4. Norgate, North Vancouver – $857,500
  5. Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver – $720,621
  6. Lynn Valley, North Vancouver – $1,004,518
  7. Hamilton, North Vancouver – $862,986
  8. Deep Cove, North Vancouver – $1,181,917
  9. Delbrook, North Vancouver – $599,894
  10. Pemberton, North Vancouver – $554,000

10 Worst Neighbourhoods to Buy a Townhouse on the North Shore in 2019

  1. Indian River, North Vancouver – $978,889
  2. Panorama Village, West Vancouver – $1,847,500
  3. Furry Creek, West Vancouver – $1,354,750
  4. British Properties, West Vancouver – $1,700,000
  5. Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver – $1,488,900
  6. Dollarton, North Vancouver – $1,656,000
  7. Queensbury, North Vancouver – $1,297,250
  8. Chelsea Park, West Vancouver – $1,883,500
  9. Dundarave, West Vancouver – $1,870,000
  10. Ambleside, West Vancouver – $1,267,900
Where to buy a townhouse on the North Shore in 2019

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