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Worst playgrounds ever

top 10 worst playgrounds

The best part of a playground is the memories it creates. From your favourite swing to that super-fast slide or the game of grounders you just couldn’t stop playing. But some playgrounds inspire memories for a different reason. Here are 10 of the worst playground ever built.

1. Slide right into the neighbourhood trash bin

Le Lombrik

The only person we can think of that would enjoy this “playground” is Oscar the Grouch, and even then it’s a stretch. While we assume this wasn’t the original design for this park we can’t help but wonder if anyone questioned this slide-into-the-trash design.

2. Flip and slide

Remodeling Made Easy

Older kids might think this slide is a blast with the super-fast flip at the start before a direct dip down to the end. Looks like the designers of this slide may have skipped the testing portion of the verification process. Now, we’re willing to bet that most tiny tots won’t manoeuvre through this twist all that successfully.

3. Graveyard or playground?


While a cohesive play space is lovely — and one with a theme is quite fun — this is just odd. Perhaps this takes the latest “the floor is lava” game to another level.

4. Mission impossible slide


The ladder turned slide might be a design flaw or it might be a genius design hack? Who knows, maybe we’ll see this new obstacle in the next season of American Ninja Warrior?

5. Slide into the abyss


There has to be a more subtle way to get rid of your least favourite brother, right?

6. Drop of doom in slide form


When we said worst playgrounds, we meant the worst playgrounds. It’s hard to say whether the straight drop is worse than the rusty metal.

7. Some neighbours are friendlier than others

Cats Mob

Some cities don’t have a lot of space, which means the local playground might be set up in a less than ideal location. Either this decision was a great way to make use of land, or someone has a kid who just really loves Casper the Friendly Ghost.

8. In one end and out the other


Ummm, it certainly makes for a great landmark, right? I mean, no one is going to forget “the elephant slide.”

9. Seat-saw

Mosha Yury

Some would say this is a creative masterpiece.

10. Criminals at play


What happens when a new chalk line ends up on your playground? Improvise.

Next time you’re in an overcrowded park or playing on a swing set with peeling paint, consider yourself lucky. It could be worse!

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