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Map of tiny home communities around the world

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Small or no mortgage, lower utility bills, and no place to hide if you have a fight with your spouse…welcome to tiny home living.

Ever since tiny homes hit the mainstream, they’ve captured the imaginations and, for some, the wallets of people all over the world. Yet, finding a tiny home or even a tiny home community can get difficult. To help, we’ve created a map of tiny home communities across the world. Whether you are looking for a tiny home community in a particular Canadian province or a few U.S. states or you want to go further afield and find a small house community elswhere in the world, this tiny house community map will help.

Some of these communities are built on the premise of developing like-minded homeowners — some who care for the environment, some who care about their pocket book — and some enable curious outsiders a chance to rent and stay in a tiny home, just to get a taste.

Map of tiny house communities around the world

Tiny house communities in Canada

Vagabond Tiny Homes, Calgary, Alberta

Type: Starter Home
Cost: $30,000 to $1.3-million

One of the more well established tiny home communities in Canada can be found in the City of Calgary. Marketed as a great starter home option, the Vagabond Tiny Homes, the community caters to first-time buyers, downsizers and those choosing to live with a smaller ecological footprint.

The only requirement for buying a home in this community is that you must be a Canadian citizen.

Big Valley, Red Deer, Alberta

Type: A Community of 364 Residents
Cost: $43,000+

The Big Valley tiny home community is located in Red Deer, Alberta. In order to establish the community the city, located less than an hour from Calgary, amended the bylaws to allow for tiny homes.

As a result, there are now 364 residents who live in the Big Valley tiny house community; all those that live in this community share an outlook of inclusivity. Although there are no requirements for living in this community, most members do help out with various farming activities, work on the surrounding oil fields, and with duties that involve tourism.

For those simply curious about the tiny house movement, you can book a tour of the Big Valley community (and, if you’re fortunate, maybe even board the steam train!).

Tiny Homes Canada, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Type: Residential community in the planning stage
Cost: To-be-determined (TBD)

Still, in the planning stages, this little community in Abbotsford, soon-to-be-known as Sunshine Valley, is looking to revolutionize tiny homes with an eye towards sustainability.

In an effort to get around still-restrictive city zoning bylaws, the developer is seeking official designation as an RV manufacturer. Once they get the designation, the builder aims to custom build every square inch of each tiny home, based on the buyer’s needs and desires. Those looking for a more environmentally-sound decision will be pleased to know that all goods used in the construction will be eco-friendly.

Built on a parcel of land more than 45,00 acres large, these tiny homes will be fully-serviced and will come in a range of price points.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Type: Rental
Cost: $375 per month

These homes are built for people who wish to spend less on their housing. All houses built in this community are fully serviced and offer residents access to all the essential amenities. People of all ages, including families, can occupy these homes. The city plans on increasing the number of these rental units to more than 1,000 units by 2021.

Yale First Nation, Hope, British Columbia

Type: First nations
Cost: $375 per month

These tiny homes are the first of their kind in the interior B.C. town of Hope. The units offer clean living facilities and lower rental rates, making them ideal for those looking for affordable housing.

Bluegrass Meadows Micro Village, Terrace, British Columbia

Type: Village offering rental homes as well as homes to purchase
Cost: $550 to $1450 per month (rental rates)
$47,500 to $48,800 purchase price

Located in the remote town of Terrace, the Bluegrass Meadow Micro Village is located on acres of land adjacent to the Kalum River. The village offers stunning views of both the mountain and the river and access to plenty of hiking trails for nature enthusiasts. You can also partake in fishing, mountain sports, or golfing or take the 10-minute drive to downtown Terrace.

Eagle Ridge Green, Shannon Lake, Nova Scotia

Type: Lakefront Lots
Cost: $475 to $1,900 per month (rental rates)

Shannon lake is located about 90 kilometers from Halifax, NS. Known as the Earl Ridge Green tiny home community, the community offers lakefront lots and some of the best eco-camping spots in the province.

Lake of the Woods, Keewatin, Ontario

Type: Agricultural community
Cost: $50,000 or less (purchase price)

The Lake of the Woods is perfect for individuals looking for an “off-the-grid” low-income home. Located near the Winnipeg river circuit, the community consists of 10 tiny homes and 5 hamlets. The community focuses on growing through food, health, and wellness. It also has stunning ridges and southern exposure along with communal workshops and greenspace that push across a sense of community.

Domaine de l’O, Mansfield, Quebec

Type: Eco-village
Cost: $2,500 to $5,500 per month (rental rates)

This site is the ideal place for vacationers looking to park their recreational vehicle or mobile home and use it as a tiny home. Even if you don’t have an RV, you can still reside in this community by renting one of the 20, year-round units. Rental tiny homes come equipped with all amenities and offer a spectacular view. Amenities such as campfires and picnic tables are in abundance. You can choose from having a waterfront, ridge, or a village site for your stay.

Those looking to use their own tiny homes need to be sure that their tiny house complies with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and International Building Code (IBC) house standards.

Le Petit Quartier, Sherbrooke, Quebec

Type: Cooperative
Cost: $100,000+ (purchase price)

The Le Petit Quartier is Canada’s first urban tiny home community. Located in the Fleurimont borough in Sherbrooke, Quebec, these tiny homes are less than 50-square-feet and typically measure between 16 feet by 30 feet. All homes are ecologically constructed and face the sunniest exposure, in order to maximize passive heating.

Habitat Multi Generations (HMG), Lantier, Quebec

Type: Housing Development
Cost: $80,000+ (purchase price)

Just two minutes from the town of Lantier, Quebec, the Habitat Multi Generations is a community of 100 acres dedicated to a tiny home community. As one of Canada’s largest tiny house communities, it offers just about anything a small city would offer, including playgrounds, daycare facilities, greenhouses, and even a resident work program. The place only allows specific tiny home designs, in compliance with the bylaws, and has a true sense of a self-fulfilling community.

Watson Lake, Yukon

Type: Village
Cost: $100,000+ (purchase price)

Tiny homes in Watson Lake, Yukon are a fairly new concept but the concept is quickly gaining in popularity. Built much cheaper than traditional homes, these tiny houses are mobile — built on wheels — and offer homeowners an opportunity to own their own small piece of home.

Smart Communities Ontario, Kingston, Ontario

Type: Rental
Cost: $50 per month (rental rate)

These affordable houses are built by the community to ensure housing for every stratum of society. One major aspect is that rent can drop as to a low $50 per month — making it appealing and accessible to people who struggle for affordable housing.

Other tiny home communities in Canada that are worth checking out, include:

  • Grand Forks, British Columbia
  • Maple Ridge, British Columbia
  • Wheat Grass Tiny House Communities, Okanagan, British Columbia

Final thoughts

The tiny house movement is no longer a fringe lifestyle that can only be found in remote areas of the world. These days, just about every province and every country boast at least one small house community with more community popping up (or growing in size) each year. While some of these communities choose to work with city bylaws and standard building codes, others opt to use RV-style or off-grid sites in order to establish and create tiny home movements. Whatever your need, there is a tiny home and a small house community that is sure to cater to your unique aesthetic desire and ecological need.

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