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11 brilliant redneck holiday decorations

Redneck holiday decorations

Ever had a neighbour who didn’t get the memo that less is more when it comes to holiday decorations? While the Griswold Family—of National Lampoon Christmas Vacation fame—could rival just about anybody’s holiday light display, there are other ways to take this season’s decorations to that next step. Here are 11 brilliant redneck holiday decoration-themes to inspire you.

1. Herbie fully off-roaded


Are you as confused as us about whether or not the car is supposed to be Santa’s sleigh or Rudolph’s red nose?

2. Santa also believes in hunting season

Total Car Magazine

Santa found a way to cut off unnecessary weight to create maximum aerodynamic efficiency. I guess flying reindeer really don’t need legs!

3. Tree stand, keg stand — same difference

Funnylove Blog

The traditional greeting for Santa are cookies, milk and carrots but maybe he’d enjoy six kegs a-laying instead.

4. Tired of your average wreath

Doug Ross blog

Talk about going green! This holiday wreath will last far longer than any pine or evergreen variety and took a lot less time than the wreath your neighbour Susan spent hours making using a Pinterest tutorial and some crazy glue.

5. Racin’ Santa

The Christmas Blog 2013

When 12 reindeer can’t hit 600-horsepower fast enough, Santa has to upgrade a little bit. That’s when Santa goes for Nascar power. Now his sleight can speed through the turns and fly high (and it looks 100 times cooler, as well).

6. Trucking through the holidays

And They Call Me Crazy

Q: How many Christmas lights does it take to make your pickup truck come to life?
A: Too many.

7. The elusive tin-can tree

It Must Be College

Can you believe this tree? It looks like it came straight from the mountain—Mountain Dew, that is. Yes, puns are necessary during the holiday season and, apparently, so is patience. It must have taken a bit of time to collect and stack the cans to mimic a Christmas tree!

8. Do-it-yourself limo

Yesterday’s Tractors

This limo isn’t a holiday season decoration, per se, but it’s an awesome reminder to think outside of the box when it comes to dashing through the snow. Imagine showing up at your in-laws in this beauty.

9. Hunter’s holiday


Oh deer, what have you done?

10. Sidecar Santa

Cobwebs in the Wine Cellar

Resourcefulness is just one of the ways to get yourself on Santa’s nice list this year, and this homeowner has plenty of it. What do you do when you don’t have a sleigh or fake reindeer? Improvise using an old motorbike, some straw bails and wood. Voila! Now you have Santa’s cool ride.

11. Santa asserting his rights

Mainline Sportsman

He see’s you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. Now be careful where you stand or he’ll take a shot for goodness sake.

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