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5 luxury doomsday shelters

Luxury doomsday bunker

When you’re relegated to living in a bunker in order to survive the worst—the apoloclypse, a zombie hoard, another Boxing Week sale—it’s best to spend that time in luxury accommodation. Here are five multi-million dollar survival abodes that prove that even when the world ends, you can still spend the time in opulence with these luxury doomsday shelters.


Price: $1.5 million USD and up

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With a decaying White House and post-apocalyptic scenario as their website banner, it’s immediately evident that means business—as in, they are seriously selling survival of the wealthiest. This company took an old abandoned missile silo and converted it into a multi-floor survival community buried deep underground. They boast that the bunker can survive a nuclear attack and offers a variety of packages. For $1.5 million USD, you can purchase a half-floor suite that comes complete with 900-square-feet of living space and one or two bedrooms. If you want more space, you’ll need to fork out $4.5 million USD for the 3,600-square-foot penthouse suite or call for custom pricing of custom-built complexes. Each bunker community comes with custom amenities, such as game arcades, an indoor pool and spa, a dog park, a library, a movie theatre, minor grade surgery unit, a rock climbing wall, and an exercise facility.

2. Vivos

Price: based on individual housing


Vivos markets itself as a “Survival Shelter and Resort” because frankly, the rooms are so swanky that people don’t want to have to wait for a catastrophe to live there. Vivos is different from the rest of these doomsday shelters as it’s able to house up to 5,000 people at one time. This makes the Vivos bunker feel like more of an underground city than a doomsday shelter. Not to be too exclusive, Vivos hosts a community shelter section, where the more financially-strapped survivalists can bring a trailer and live on the property for up to a year. The site even has a page for end-of-the-world prophecies and potential global threats that could end in disaster (including video scenarios of anarchy and nuclear terrorism). For the more affluent folks, there is the private underground bunker, complete with several rooms, wooden floors, a fully stocked kitchen and more.

3. The Alpha Site

Price: starting at $1 million USD

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When The Alfa Site says luxury, The Alfa Site means luxury. The 14 units in this underground community are all worth several million dollars each and feature high-end electronics and gourmet kitchens. Plus, the community created facilities for medical needs, communication needs and entertainment. When not in “survival mode,” the lab on the premises produces hydroponic, organic vegetables to sell to local restaurants. As well, each unit is given a five-year supply of freeze-dried survival food that is housed in oxygen-free containers.

4. This luxury Las Vegas shelter

Price: $1.6 million USD

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You know those times when you want to escape the zombie apocalypse but still want to be close to the Vegas strip? Consider this above- and below-split home. The underground portion of the home utilizes a natural light simulator that allows changes in room lighting throughout the course of the day and throughout the house. This doomsday shelter also hosts an inground underground pool.

5. Prepper self-sustaining luxury retreat compound

Price: $11.5 million USD

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Prepper is a one-of-a-kind retreat that is in the business of self-sustainment for the long haul. If there were a place that you genuinely needed to live out an apocalypse and budget wasn’t a factor, this is it. The underground compound comes complete with an above-ground 100-foot radio tower, on-site helicopter pad, seven-stage water filtration set-up, solar array, wind turbine, and several emergency generators. Plus, the air ducts that run inside are designed to close off sections in case of a biological attack. Better still, Prepper created the complex to survive 10 years off of solar energy and still, you’re surrounded by $11 million USD-worth of luxury finishes. In it’s testing stage the power has not gone out once, and no flaws in the security system have ever been detected.

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