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Bad MLS photos: 7 terrible toilets

Bad MLS photos   Bathroom In Old Abandoned Home

There’s something to be said about a beautiful bathroom. The problem is not everyone appreciates beauty in the same way. These seven MLS listing photos help illustrate how even small things can lead to big laughs…and a few really bad MLS photos because of a few terrible toilets placements.

1. The kitchen/bathroom is making a comeback

No 1 terrible toilets

A toilet in the kitchen may appear convenient until you have a health scare. The unsanitary nature of this bathroom and kitchen hybrid could help it win the award for the most grotesque home for sale listing photo. (Now, let’s just wash our hands of this concept.)

2. Quick change

No 2 Terrible toilets

Want a time-saving closet? Check out this closet/bathroom hybrid. Grab a t-shirt or a pair of pants, while doing your business. Hint: You may feel inclined to do a bit more laundry.

3. Camouflage toilet

No 3 terrible toilets

Hate the white, pristine decor of today’s toilets? Perhaps you’ll love what this homeowner opted for, instead, with their recreated in-the-woods motif.

4. White and bright and…

No 4 Terrible toilets

Yes, there are elongated toilet bowls, but something tells me this is an exaggerated version. Poor camera work or poor choice of a toilet bowl. You decide.

5. A cup of tea while waiting?

No 5 terrible toilets

One more kitchen/toilet hybrid that’s just plain filthy.

6. A room with a view

No 6 terrible toilets

Want a room with a view? What if the view enabled people outside to stare at you while you were in the bathroom? If that’s what you’re looking for then this is the ideal bathroom for you. More than likely, however, most buyers will shuffle right past this home for sale.

7. A place for your morning meditation

No 7 terrible toilets

This toilet certainly has a view—of the neighbours!

This list of seven strange toilet photos must have elicited even a small chuckle. Still, these silly MLS photos also remind us how important good photos are when selling a home.

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