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15 hilarious videos of animals acting like humans

animals acting like humans cat on a laptop

Chimps have 99% of the same DNA as humans.  Seriously. But it’s the differences that make us unique. Turns out we share quite a few characteristics with our four-legged or amphibian brethren with these animals acting like humans!

We’ve collected 15 hilarious videos of animals behaving like humans. (And we tried to make this list interesting by including some videos that you won’t immediately find at the top of YouTube’s search results!)

 1. Amphibian playing iPhone game

There are lots of funny videos online of animals using iPads and iPhones, but this one is our favourite clips. It’s a YouTube clip from the show Life of Pets and was uploaded by in 2011 by PandaySing.

 2. This cat is truly independent

This amazing cat opens not one but five doors, all on its own. Her talents would most certainly be useful if you were just back from the grocery store with your and full. The video was uploaded in 2013 by EpicVideosAreUs.

3. Amazing counting dog

An oldie—uploaded in 2008—but a goodie, this video shows an amazing dog that appears to actually count. Skip to 1:25 in the video to see her in action.

4. Elephants Painting

Shot and uploaded in 2009 by FSchleyhahn, this video shows four-year-old Suda, the elephant, painting a picture of herself at the Maetaeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

5. Cats, well, being cats

Uploaded by AnimalsTV in 2017, this is a 15 minute compilation of all that we love about cats and kids, showing these cats are really animals acting like humans!

6. Dog acting like a human with the help of a human

This video, uploaded in 2010 by kizooitje, shows a rather civilized dog acting like a human. It’s a case of solid acting all around, at least for a YouTube video.

 7. Hoover the talking seal

Another oldie but goodie (uploaded in 2007), this video is courtesy of the New England Aquarium, which states: “It’s not just an urban legend—there really was a talking seal at the New England Aquarium.” Hoover, an Atlantic harbour seal, was as well known in Boston as Ted Kennedy, and he spoke with a similar accent! Hoover was fond of particular phrases, including “hello there,” and “how are ya,” as well as “get outta here,” and “get down.” He also liked to say his own name, accompanied by his signature guttural laugh. The Aquarium continues by saing, “Hoover was the first non-human mammal ever to produce such sounds.” In this 15-second video, you are actually hearing the sounds of a seal, not a person! Sadly, Hoover has since passed away.

 8. Parrot dancing gangnam style

Jason Chow uploaded this video in 2013 of a parrot dancing Gangnam-style. Gangnam is an area in South Korea which was made famous by Psy in 2013.

9. Teaching a horse to count

In this informational video, which was posted in 2012 by Marenlene, we are taught how to teach a horse how to count.

10. Greedy Donkey

Greed exists in all species and this video of a donkey, uploaded in 2013 by Jody Brittain, proves it. Rather than share the food, this greedy gus figures out how to take it all for himself!

11. Labrador playing soccer

We all know that some unusual things can happen on the footie pitch. In this video, uploaded by ViralGarbage in 2011, shows how a dog decided to enter into a match despite a lack of invitation. Eventually, both teams get involved trying to catch the pooch, until a little over three minutes before the disturbance the dog is finally chased off the field.

12. Life imitates art

This video initially aired on America’s Funniest Videos and was uploaded to YouTube by Don Surendra in 2013.

13. Raccoons eating Doritos

This 2013 video, uploaded by lileez2003, shows racoons going nuts for Doritos. Lots of racoons. Lots and lots and lots of racoons. Who can blame them, though, it is Doritos.

14. Trespassing Squirrel

This short video shows a squirrel who simply wants to swim a few laps. Uploaded in 2006 by brvs24, the squirrel accidentally landed in the family’s inflatable pool and kept swimming in circles before being rescued by the homeowner.

15. Cat flushes the toilet

Gurustunts uploaded a video in 2011 that shows his buddy’s cat using the toilet. Apparently, the cat’s human companion, Jason, got sick of cleaning the kittie litter and taught his cat to use and flush the toilet. Smart guy. Very smart cat.

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