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6 cute tiny homes in Canada

tiny homes in Canada

Do you wonder why so many people are interested in tiny homes in Canada? It’s due, in part, to the rising cost of property, but also the rising size in our homesteads. North American homes are about 1,000-square feet larger today than they were in the early 1970s. Over the last few decades, our ideal of the ultimate home has prompted a substantial increase in the size of our home, even as family sizes have shrunk.

While the U.S. still holds the top spot for the largest living spaces, with an average home around 2,164-square feet, Canada comes in second place with an average home size of 1,948-square feet. Compare this to the average square footage of a Chinese home, at 646-square feet, or even a Swedish home at just under 900-square feet, and we begin to appreciate just how large our obsession is with more space.

This doesn’t mean that all homeowners are following this trend. The tiny house movement is fuelled by a dedication to living with a smaller footprint. According to small home builders, there are lots of benefits to living in a tiny house. These housing options are ideal for people who have a small budget but want to get in the property market. They are also extremely environmentally friendly!

Graham Hill, who lives in a 420-square foot apartment in New York, argues the benefits in his New York Times column. Of the many benefits he lists, the single most important one is that less space forces less clutter. This allows a person to eliminate the distractions in life and focus on what’s really important.

If you’re interested in living in a tiny home, we’ve listed six of the smallest homes in Canada. Keep in mind, none of these homes are more than 250-square feet of living space!

Tiny detached in Canada’s largest city, Toronto

smallest homes in Canada, Toronto
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This tiny home is the smallest detached house in Toronto. The quaint property covers 220 square feet and its diminutive size is smaller than surrounding apartments and condos. Still, that didn’t stop the latest homeowner to spend about $20,000 in upgrades on the house, including an updated interior, new bathroom and a new roof. There are even a few luxury features such as heated floors and hidden wall sockets.

Serious luxury in Delta, British Columbia

Tiny house in Delta, BC

This tiny home in Delta, B.C., is seriously luxurious. It’s currently on the market for $91,460—a steal given the price of properties in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. The fabulous property has all of the features of a traditional home, including a fully equipped bathroom with a soaker tub, a stylish kitchen with a Kimberly Wood stove and a custom built staircase that is sure to impress anyone who visits! There’s even a small laundry room! While a tiny home, every inch of space has been well-utilized using a crafty floor plan.

Dual-axle tiny home in Nanaimo, British Columbia

tiny home in Nanaimo, BC

This tiny home was built on a 24-foot dual-axle trailer—making the home’s footprint only 8.5-feet wide and 13.5-feet high. Right now, the asking price is just $32,000 (down from an original asking price of $40,000) because the inside is bare—a blank canvas waiting for the new homeowner to customize. The unique home would suit a couple or small family, as there is a large, beautiful skylight over the living room area that sits between the two framed bedroom suites.

Travel in style with this Kamloops, B.C. tiny house

tiny house in Kamloops, BC

Here’s a brand new country-style tiny home that’s just ready for someone to move in. It’s currently on the market for $60,000, it offers 165 square feet of living space. The home features an open floor concept, a split level design and a fully equipped bathroom with a large bath. For those looking to leave the rat-race, the home can easily be converted to off-grid living, making it much easier for you to hook the home’s trailer axle to the back of your truck and move on to your next spot!

Cottage life in rural Waltham, Quebec

tiny house in quebec

This off-grid cabin is surrounded by 1.6 acres of beautiful forest. The home is currently on the market for $105,000, and it’s already fully furnished and ready for someone to move in. The home has a full sized kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom and a beautiful loft bedroom. But the best part is no utility bills! This environmentally-friendly home is off-grid and uses solar power, wood stove and a rain water collection system for everyday needs.

19-feet of personal space in Chilliwack, B.C.

tiny house in Chilliwack, BC

This tiny home is only 19 feet long but offers almost 200-square feet of living space. It’s currently on sale for $47,725. The pretty home features a large bed loft that can fit a queen or king-size bed. It’s been designed as a home for long-term living and includes an 8-foot galley kitchen and a large shower. The home is also wired for solar panels, although it is currently using power via an extension cord. There is also a beautiful outside area with fairy lights and lots of space – so it is perfect for hosting BBQs or meals!

All of these tiny homes are beautiful. Whether you are looking for a traditional home with a smaller footprint, or a luxury abode that can move from place to place, or an off the grid tiny home these six of the smallest homes in Canada.

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