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10 cheapest homes for sale in Canada

The real estate market in Canada can be fairly expensive with the median house price sitting around $489,800. This can seem seriously overwhelming if you are...

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9 most expensive homes in Toronto

Toronto has its share of luxury properties. If you're looking to spend millions on a home in the 6ix, here are a selection of the top-dollar digs currently for...

9 expensive homes for sale in Toronto

6 cheapest condos for sale in Toronto

Toronto may be one of the most expensive cities in Canada to buy a place, but it still has its deals. Here are the 6 cheapest homes currently for sale in...

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Best tiny homes in B.C.

Imagine living in a B.C.-home for less than $100,000? It's possible. Tiny homes are more affordable and have become more mainstream in the last decade, here...

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6 cute tiny homes in Canada

Inspired by the tiny home movement? Check out some of our favourite tiny homes in Canada, including detached homes, tiny homes on wheels and more

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