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Best tiny homes in B.C.

tiny homes in BC

Imagine living in a house that didn’t require a full day of cleaning or cost you an overwhelmingly high mortgage payment every month. Surprise! Getting both of those must-haves and more is possible. Very possible. Tiny homes are being snapped up by young professionals, eco-warriors, and people fed-up with high-housing debt. Better still, tiny house programs are even helping to house some of the most vulnerable members of society — the homeless.

If you are thinking about buying a tiny house, you’re not alone. The benefits of living in a tiny home include reasonable prices (in comparison to a more traditional property) and less environmental impact. If you think this is something that fits your lifestyle, check out these five tiny homes currently for sale in B.C. (as of February 27, 2018). 

1. Vernon, B.C.
Cost: $110,000

vernon tiny home

This tiny luxury home may not be the cheapest tiny home on the market, but it is definitely worth the cost. The beautiful home covers 28-feet of land and is made from all new materials. The property includes brand new appliances, a heated floor, and large vanity. One of the best features in this tiny house has to be the bedroom, which covers 96 square feet and boasts a 48-inch TV. The wall to wall carpet, multiple windows and lots of storage space certainly makes the home feel bigger than it is. 

2. Nanaimo, B.C.
Cost: $525,000

nanaimo tiny house

This unique little house stands atop a rocky ridge, overlooks a lake and sits on five acres of property — which is why this tiny home has a higher price tag. Not only does it come with wonderful views, but the house was also designed to minimize environmental impact. The home was built in 1998 from reclaimed lumber, and it is completely insulated with blown-in cellulose. The unique layout provides an open plan and a roof supported by a large fir tree. The plentiful windows and a cathedral ceiling make the tiny home feel fairly spacious once you’re inside.

3. Nelson, B.C.
Cost: $15,000

nelson british columbia

This tiny home isn’t fully finished yet. In fact, it is just a frame and floor building at the moment! However, the current owner will build a tiny home entirely suited to the needs of the buyer. This is just one great opportunity to build an original tiny home in beautiful B.C. The home can fit vaulted ceilings, seven-foot walls and large vinyl windows. With the potential for a beautiful interior, this tiny home just needs a buyer with a vision.

4. Vancouver, B.C.
Cost: $67,900

vancouver rv home on wheels
Tiny House Listings Canada

This tiny home on wheels is 340 square feet and features one bedroom and one bathroom. Although it is currently located in Vancouver, the property is also certified as a travel trailer. With the ability to get proper insurance to travel freely, this house is great for homeowners who are looking to live all across Canada and throughout the United States without having to pay for a hotel room.

5. Fernie, B.C.
Cost: $42,000 to $47,000

fernie tiny home
Hummingbird Micro Homes

Hummingbird Micro Homes build tiny custom homes on wheels for people who live in B.C., meaning that you can create your perfect living situation based on some common layouts the company are known for building. The standard micro homes come typically come sized eight by 13 feet from the ground to roof, can sleep one to four people and have one bathroom.

These days, the number of tiny homes available for purchase in B.C are steadily rising. From eco-friendly properties with stunning views to tiny mobile homes with modern and luxurious interiors, the traditional house no longer seems to be such a necessity.

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