10 life-changing small closet hacks

Improve the relationship you have with your closet with these smart small space hacks
small closet hacks
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Small closet, big dreams? Hey, I’m right there with you.  But it doesn’t have to be a hair-tearing, mind-numbing experience trying to get all your frocks to fit. Here are 10 small closet hacks that will almost instantly improve the relationship you have with your closet. These small home organization hacks might provide some inspiration to finally get that small closet in order!

1. Label it!

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Krissa Corbett Cavouras

While this seems like such a practical piece of advice, most of us don’t do it! We’ve taken all this time and energy to organize our closet, now let’s label it. By slapping a few labels or tags on our baskets or buckets we can alleviate search stress and spend our time thinking about better things, like whether or not you should order Chinese or Indian tonight.

2.  Multi-purpose hooks

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Yes, you could simply hang a hook or you could hang a zig-zag hook! These amazing hooks (and others like them) allow you to layer on the storage without cluttering up your wall space.

3. Double-duty on folding chairs

small closet hacks
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Do you have a small front hall closet? Consider going double-duty on some folding chairs. While this solution may not fit everyone’s decor taste, it certainly allows for both more closet space and a way to keep extra guest seating neat and organized. Crisp and classy.

4. Pop-can tab hack for shoe-box closets

pop tab
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Need more space for your clothes? Use pop can tabs to make DIY-cascading hangers. By doing this you’ll hold five times more clothes in the same amount of space, which is an absolute life-saver for those with shoebox-sized closet. Just remember to fortify the clothing bar and the walls the bar is attached to, as you’ll be adding quite a bit of extra weight.

5. Wine box shoe storage for small closets

shoe storage
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Moi Designs

Wine saves the day once again! Every wonder what fits neatly inside a wine box, other than bottles of wine and piles of books, come moving time? Shoes! Turns out most shoes fit perfectly into the slot used to carry a wine bottle.  Plus, getting enough wine boxes to kit out your closet can be an entertaining task.

6. Cutlery rack jewellery holder

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The cutlery rack has never looked sharper (get it? Sharper?? than when hacked to become a beautiful storage spot for those fashionable jewellery pieces. Just nail a few wood or bamboo cutlery cases to the wall and put a few hanging nails to separate necklaces. The final result looks great and offers a great way to show off your jewellery collection.

7. Under the bed storage

iron bed
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Froken Knopp

This hack is just economic as heck.  Put your out-of-season clothes in a fashionably rustic old suitcase and throw it underneath your bed.

8. Repurpose chicken wire

Need a way to hang those earrings? Consider a frame and some chicken wire. This easy, DIY-jewellery storage hack won’t bust the bank and will turn your jewels into wall art showpieces.

9. Pegboards maximize small closet space

small closet hacks - pegboard closet
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Want a fairly inexpensive way to maximize storage of those small items? Go to your hardware store and invest in some pegboard. The board can be mounted to a wall or door and can store and hang just about any small item floating around in your closet.

10. Box dividers for drawers

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Real Simple

Drawers take two seconds to become a nest of mystery clutter. To keep your drawers clear of clutter, cut up a shoe box into drawer dividers. Now, when you go to store your folded laundry you’ll be able to put it in the drawer without fighting for some space.

Amy Billingsley
Amy Billingsley

Amy is a Realtor with Zolo who lives and specializes in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). A fan of The Amazing Race and mid-century modern architecture, Amy spends her off-time on hiking trails or taking in a movie with her family.

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