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4 tips for a total bedroom makeover on a budget

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

Everyone dreams. Some people dream of flying; others dream of adventure and still others just dream of a bedroom makeover that helps create that sought-after sanctuary-like feel.

The great news is that a bedroom makeover doesn’t require an expensive interior designer consultation or a big outlay of cash. Here are five tips to help you makeover your bedroom and decorate your boudoir like a pro.

#1: Review

6 tips on how to decorate a small bedroom

The first step for a bedroom makeover is to scan your room. The idea is to take stock of the room. Don’t “judge” it but rather assess what is working and what isn’t. The idea is to treat your bedroom from an impartial perspective. Just like a business would take stock of their inventory, you want to review your bedroom in the same manner. What do you have? What do you lack? What’s working and what’s not?

Once you’ve figured out what is functioning well, consider what needs to change. What aspects no longer work and how do they need to change? For example, one couple found that most of their attire revolved around jeans. Rather than stuff a bunch of denim in a drawer, they opted to create a hanging rack, complete with funky hooks. The space not only helped them hang their attire but created an artistic embellishment out of their much-loved selection of jeans. Other organizational options include creating a sneaker wall, displaying your scarves and even hanging your jewellery inside picture frames. The idea is to sort out what’s working for you and what’s not and to find solutions for the areas that no longer fit your life.

The sole purpose of this step is to observe your bedroom with an objective and critical eye. You want to get a clear idea of what to keep, what to toss and what to rework.

#2: Reshape

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Now that you’ve taken stock, it’s time to tackle the task.

This part of the bedroom makeover is about creating a map; a plan. You want to have a clear concept of how the bedroom should be set up and where things should be stored before you start purging or rearranging.

One easy way to create this plan is to clip pictures from your favourite magazines or to create a Pinterest board with all your favourite ideas.

Don’t be critical of what you consider your dream bedroom during this step. The idea is to construct a plan — a goal to use as your aspiration. You may not get everything you want, but the plan will give you direction on what to keep and what should go, which is the next step.

#3: Remove

Closet organization tips to declutter

Start by removing all the items that no longer belong in your bedroom. Not using that stationary bike? Get rid of it. No longer wearing those scarves? Donate them. Tired of your nightstand, consider how to give it a makeover (or just buy something more suited to your current tastes, if your budget allows).

The idea is to remove all the items that no longer suit your idea of the perfect bedroom. Remember, this is not about getting caught up in the “maybe I’ll use” or “it cost me a pretty penny.” Instead, refer back to your ideal bedroom. Review each piece in your room and ask yourself: “Does this really fit my plan?” If it does not, get rid of it. The less clutter you have standing between you and your dream room, the closer you’ll get to your ideal.

#4: Redesign


Now that you’ve removed the clutter (both figuratively and literally) it’s time to start your bedroom redesign. If you’ve got the budget, you can do out and purchase everything to suit your bedroom makeover. A new bed, bed frame, chairs, shelves even a new wardrobe.

Those on a budget, however, may need to start their redesign with the expectation that it will take longer to finish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make dramatic changes. For instance, painting your bedroom a new colour can almost immediately change the room’s feeling.

Colour has a huge impact on one’s mood. When picking your new paint colour, consider what gives you peace, tranquillity and happiness. If you love the sun, consider a soft yellow; if you love nature or spend your time in your garden, consider soft green shades. Whatever you choose, try and keep it soft and natural — while bright or deep colours, such as dark blues, reds and oranges can provide stunning room transformations but might be too powerful in a room that’s meant to create a peaceful sanctuary.

And don’t stop with the walls. You can paint your ceiling, the floor (if the material is receptive to paint), even your current furniture. It’s amazing what a lick of paint will do to transform a piece of furniture or an entire room.

Remember, giving your bedroom a new, refreshing look does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. Take these simple, four steps and with some patience and persistence, you can have a bedroom of your dreams.

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