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5 ways to prep your home to maximize virtual tours

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Given the impacts of COVID-19 on the property market, many estate agents are now using virtual tours to ensure house viewings — and subsequent offers and sales — can still go ahead. 

So, how can you ensure that your house is picture-perfect for a virtual viewing? By following the simple steps we have listed below, we can help you make sure your virtual showing displays your property’s best features. 

#1. Simplify your space

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For each room of the house, declutter any surfaces and tidy away any unnecessary junk that’s lying around the place. 

Move any extra pieces of furniture out of the room and focus on your interior decor. However, try not to distract your viewers too much with your tastes. If you have an unusually large artwork that takes up half the wall space, take it down and let the viewer’s imagination do the talking. 

During virtual tours, viewers will appreciate being able to see the bigger picture, after all, to envision the things they own within the space available. Therefore, by simplifying your area, you are providing them with that exact opportunity.  

#2. Spruce up your kitchen

For many potential buyers, how you present the kitchen is a focal point of any home viewing. By moving your focus onto the way you offer your kitchen, this can make a big difference to your property’s overall attractiveness. 

Remove any bits and bobs you use daily, and put away any washing up liquids or bottles you have out on your worktops. Give your kitchen surfaces a quick wipe down to create a clean and simplistic look. 

Also, to make your kitchen look fresh and germ-free during the pandemic, replace any damaged or worn-out areas. The last thing you want is for an easily fixable issue to take hundreds of pounds off your home’s asking price.  

#3. Use colours

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A basic but effective design strategy comes through simply implementing colour throughout your home, and this is even more critical for virtual tours.

Colour schemes can be used across an entire house or altered to fit each room correctly. However, when focusing on places individually, it’s essential to demonstrate that there’s been a thorough thought process behind their choice for each of the rooms. 

Sticking to a colour theme and placing splashes of colour in an otherwise simply decorated room will enable a sense of brightness to run through your home without feeling too overpowering. 

Take a video of your house before you get started to quickly identify the areas where colours either clash, are lacking, or add a splash more. Then, make the changes wherever you think they’re needed. 

#4. Utilize light sources

When prettifying your home for a virtual viewing, looking at your light sources can be crucial in guaranteeing your house looks inviting, rather than dark or tired. 

By letting light through your windows, this will help ensure your home looks its best when being filmed and broadcast online. Again, take a practice video on your phone to identify where there is too much or not enough light coming in. Then, adjust your existing light sources accordingly to make your home look as pleasing to the eye as possible. 

As a helpful tip, try always to have light sources behind you when filming a virtual viewing, as this will help prevent the rooms from looking darker than they would do in person. 

#5. Incorporate greenery

Using plants in your interior design can make a massive difference in how your home looks and feels – especially for virtual tours. Whether you use living plants or artificial replicas, these will help make your property look enticing and homey. 

Plus, having greenery in your home can also help reduce your level of stress and add a quick splash of colour to an otherwise plain-looking surface. This, in turn, will ultimately help your home translate beautifully across a video or virtual platform. 

These simple suggestions will ensure your home is shown in its best light during both virtual and in-person viewings. 

By adding colours, flowers and plants to each of your rooms, your virtual home viewing will offer a real sense of tranquillity to your potential viewers, helping them visualize what life might be like living there for themselves. 

Similarly, cleaning and decluttering all of your surfaces can highlight your home’s key selling points, making it easier for every area of your home to translate well onto film. 

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