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6 interior design trends to watch in 2020

View of a monochrome kitchen and dining area

We’re all obsessed with beautiful homes that include custom kitchens, neutral tones, accent furniture and pops of colour that match each season. It’s hard to avoid photos of beautifully decorated homes without wondering whether or not you can have the same interior design trends in your one-day home or current property.

From wood as a natural element to bold backsplashes — here are the top six interior design trends to watch for in 2020, according to Christine Friend, the Friendly Decorator.

#1. Wood in any shape or form

interior design trend 2020   wood

A natural element that can warm any space, with even the smallest of accessories or furniture, wood is here to stay. Wood is a popular choice because it can be made unique or come standard and it can be added to just about anything from flooring to kitchen cabinets, to walls or dining space.

People love to bring the outdoors inside, and this is an easy way to do so. Wood has been trending for many years now, and Friend expects this to continue into 2020.

#2. Functional beauty

interior design trends 2020   Organized playroom tips for decluttering

Three words that Friend used to describe 2020 interior design trends were pretty, tidy and functional. Ever since the Marie Kondo effect has taken off, more and more people are ditching a life of consumerism for a more minimalistic home and lifestyle. Fewer products mean replacing items in your home that only have one purpose, and turning those items into multifunctional storage units.

“Pretty boxes can house remotes and closed cabinetry that has glass doors allow things to look tidier,” says Friend. “Not only that, but guests can see where everything is so that you don’t have to wait on them.”

#3. Gold and black finishes

interior design trends 2020 - Monochrome kitchen with accents. Classic decor schemes for kitchens

You may have noticed that gold finishes have been making a slow comeback over the past few years. The brushed brass that warms spaces and gives a sense of luxury is all it takes to incorporate this trend. “No need to go full-on,” says Friend. “Little hints are just fine.”

However, the design guru does recommend at least three items in any given room so that it’s not a stand-alone piece that feels misplaced. Along with gold, black is here to stay. The variety will come in hardware, plumbing, light fixtures and beyond. Friend says to remember the details.

“If you’re going for a bathroom faucet in black, remember to order the toilet trip lever and accessories in the same finish.” If you choose to go with a specific colour scheme, consistency is essential.

#4. Shocking backsplash

Modern open concept kitchens can benefit from having a pantry to store clutter

Another interior design trend that will continue from years past is exciting backsplashes. Friend does think, though, that people will be more willing to take risks in their kitchens and bathrooms by using geometric shapes and bold colours. “People are looking to create the ‘wow’ effect when others walk into a room,” says Friend. “I think they are okay with the shock and awe, and making bold moves.”

Along with matching your kitchen island to your backsplash, a backsplash that goes sky high is a growing trend in the world of interior design. The unique materials available, such as copper and marble, can add the texture you never knew you needed or desired in a kitchen or bathroom.

#5. Concealed doorways

interior design trends 2020   concealed door

As options for panelling your home become more common, it’s easier to conceal doorways. Friend says that for smaller spaces, this interior design trend can be a game-changer. “Every time there is something on a wall that interrupts your eye, it’s more visual jargon,” says Friend. “If your eye has the opportunity to keep going, this helps space feel bigger.” Suppliers are now offering more options for hardware to give this look in properties of all kinds.

Not only can they broaden a space, but concealed doorways are also there to protect your belongings, making them multifunctional — which means you can tackle two interior design trends in one go. Murphy doors and swinging bookcases are two of the more luxury design options you can choose. However, keep in mind that these trends can be more costly than valuable.

#6. Low maintenance interior and exterior materials


Friend says that any materials, from exterior TREX and composite decking to interior fabrics that have built-in protectors, will be a popular trend in 2020. “People are very busy,” says Friend. “They don’t have time to restain and powerwash.” Not only that, but people aren’t willing to cough up the funds to cover these expenses to be done professionally. Any products and materials that require annual maintenance are becoming less and less popular among homeowners.

It’s not as hard to make low maintenance decor and design pieces look appealing these days, because the popularity is creating more and more options for consumers. Bare walls and stain-resistant fabrics and materials are easy ways to lower the work you have to accomplish to maintain a beautiful home.

Where can you score these interior design trends?

If you’re looking for home decor or furniture, Friend says the most affordable options for interior design and decor features are HomeSense and Wayfair. However, what she recommends first and foremost is to shop on social media and within your neighbourhoods. “I’ve sold many things on social media platforms, and it’s so easy,” says Friend. Not only that, but you’re helping to save the world in small ways by recycling and upcycling old furniture and decor that will otherwise end up in a dump.

Whether these interior design trends catch your eye or spark a new idea, you should love your home as you enjoy the ones you share it with, and your decor and design should overflow into the interior you choose. If you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in your home, Friend says you’ve ultimately hit the jackpot in design – trendy or not.

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