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7 furniture trends to watch for in 2019

Two photos of couches and living rooms

If the 2019 resolution is to at last give your home a much-needed makeover, you’re in luck: the new calendar year is bringing with it furniture trends that are as comfy as they are trendy.

Whether you’re re-doing just one room or looking to furnish the home you just purchased, one thing’s sure, in this New Year, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Style-savvy interior design fanatics are already predicting which crazes are going to be most prominent in home outfitter shops and furniture retailers. In general, we’re seeing a lot of low-key designs, basic but quality materials and furniture to make your home an ideal place to relax. For specific furniture trends of the new year, see below.

#1. Curved furniture 

Curved furniture Zolo 2019 furniture trends curved sofa set

The past few years have seen a lot of sofas, chairs and benches with ruler-straight lines and sleek, simple contours. This year though, those pieces are out in favour of furniture with non-symmetrical shapes and playful curves. Think wave-shaped coffee tables instead of rectangular and living room chairs with rounded backs. Overall, these pieces of furniture will likely make your rooms look less rigid and more inviting. 

#2. Comfy couches 

Comfy couch deep couch design trends 2019 Zolo

Fashion and comfort don’t always go hand-in-hand but one of Canada’s top design magazines, Style at Home, suggests that furniture in 2019 is only going to be in-vogue if it’s comfortable too. That’s a trend we are definitely a fan of. In the past, angular seating with structured armrests may have made for a lousy spot to chillax but it brightened the room just perfectly. This coming year though, the goal is to have the best of both worlds meaning that your couch should look great while also being the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

#3. Antiques

Antique furniture design trends 2019 Zolo

The editors at Vogue are begging us all to bring antique furniture back to our offices, kitchens, breakfast nooks and really, anywhere else in the home. Sure, modern and mid-century pieces are great but what’s really going to make for a great indoor aesthetic in 2019 is matching your new, sleek-looking West Elm chair with grandma’s old desk that had been long forgotten in the attic.  

#4. Upholstery with small details

Furniture with details design trends 2019 Zolo

If you’re looking for new living room or bedroom furniture this year, Elle Decor suggests keeping an eye out for upholstery that is simple but with small, pretty details. For example, an interesting seam can really make a piece stand out. Or, ornate embroidery could be a detail that really sells a two-seater bench.

#5. Slate blue, forest green and black

slate blue design trends 2019 Zolo

Scroll through scores of interior design images on Pinterest and Instagram (whichever platform suits you best) and you’re bound to notice the prominence of three colours: slate blue, forest green and black. These three colours are having a moment and are used on anything from bed linens to cozy couch throws, to office chairs, couches and bar stools. For a budget-friendly option, observe this trend by staining old kitchen chairs or buying new cushions to spice up a neutral coloured couch.

#6. Light wood tables

Beach light wood table design trend 2019 Zolo

Beachy driftwood-looking coffee tables or dining rooms with a birch table and going to be trending in 2019. These tables of light coloured wood give an airy and casual vibe to any room and allow for centrepieces like a handcrafted vase, a bouquet of wildflowers or intricate lighting fixture to get the spotlight. Paler wood furniture is going to be a sign that you’re at the address of a truly stylish friend this year.

#7. Formal living rooms are out

Formal living room design trends 2019 Zolo

Our friends at Style at Home suggest not even thinking about buying a couch unless it’s a snuggle-worthy sofa. They didn’t stop there though and also predicted that the posh, overly formal living rooms of the past are officially getting the boot in 2019. For a while there, many of us had that decorative and pretty living room that hardly got any use. If you have one resolution this year, it’s to do away with that. Your home should be a tranquil place to rest, recharge and socialize with friends. Keep your guests and your family comfortable by turning the fuss down just a notch. Remember, your home is for living in. 

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