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How to pick colour combinations for your kitchen remodel

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If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you’ve probably discovered a multitude of beautiful images of renovated kitchens to look to for inspiration. But with so many options, how do you pick the best colour combinations for your own project? Whether you envision a trendy monochrome or a fun, playful colour scheme, being confident in your own design decisions can often be a challenge.

That said, you don’t need to commit yourself to hours of strenuous research to create something beautiful. As long as you follow some simple strategies for colour combination and coordination, your kitchen remodel can look just as professional as any you’ve seen before. Just set aside some time to review these five pointers.

1. Learn “no-fail” colour combinations

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Certain colour combinations just work; it’s as simple as that. You don’t need to stress over your palette — wondering whether one colour matches with another — if you conform to a few basic patterns that are known to produce beautiful results.

For example, here are three combos you might consider for your kitchen:

  1. Blue and brown complement woodwork perfectly and can create a warm, homey feel.
  2. To revive the look and feel of a neutral palette, use rich, royal colours, like grey and purple.
  3. White cabinets are a classic feature that can enhance almost any accent colour or shade you use.

Of course, these are only a few ideas. There are many tried-and-true combinations that fit any homeowner’s desired look. They’re suitable for most homes and, regardless of your general aesthetic, chances are you’ll also find something here that will work within your living space.

2. Embrace neutral colours


Neutral colours are a designer staple because they are the perfect building block for any project. Neutrals are soft and versatile, and they function as a canvas that you can effectively “paint” with rugs, vases, dinnerware and accessories, and also that is easy to update as your personal taste continues to change.

Neutrals serve as a base for a diverse range of related or contrasting colours, from saturated to muted hues. They’ll never go out of style, meaning you’ll have a kitchen remodel that looks fresh throughout any season. This doesn’t necessarily mean an all-white kitchen, however — you can always add some colour with a bright accent or two.

3. Match fixtures with existing colours


Unless you’re completely renovating the space, you probably already have flooring and wall colours in place. These can be just as critical to your kitchen’s design as any other element. As you search for fixtures for your kitchen remodel, keep pre-existing colours and textures like these in mind, and choose products that will appear natural in the space. After all, it’s far easier to match the fixtures with the floor than the floor with the fixtures.

As you purchase fixtures to match the rest of your home’s design, take a holistic approach. Think of each addition as another piece in a larger product. For example, neutral cabinets will be most effective if you’ve painted your kitchen with a pop of colour. And you may not want to choose a dark kitchen colour scheme if your existing tile or granite countertop is already a deep shade.

4. Test your colours with an online visualizer

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The image of the perfect kitchen you’ve created in your head might differ from the remodelling specifics you’ve planned. Before you purchase your paint and begin your kitchen remodel project, set aside some time to run your choices through a colour visualizer. It can show you what your final product will look like in advance so that you won’t end up regretting your palette.

Many of these visualizers allow you to upload a photo of the room you intend to renovate and select from a catalogue of colours. Use the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with shades you might not have considered. Perhaps you might even find something that appeals to you more than your first colour scheme!

5. Take advantage of the colour wheel

colour wheel. colour swatches

One of the simplest pieces of advice for colour coordination involves the colour wheel. Take full advantage of it to check and double-check your colour choices against each other. Of all the ways to go about choosing a colour scheme, this one is among the most reliable for ensuring a final product that lives up to your expectations.

If you want to add a fun pop of colour to your kitchen, the colour wheel can help you confirm that the colours you like are complementary. Whether you intend to inject colour with a small appliance or by painting an accent wall, it’s a great way to have some fun experimenting — without having to worry about regretting your choices in a year or two.

Colour combinations for your kitchen

As you move through the initial stages of your kitchen remodel, you’ll find that choosing a colour palette can be a surprisingly straightforward exercise. With a few helpful guidelines, you can have an attractive kitchen design, and even more importantly, one that perfectly reflects your personal preferences.

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