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6 design trends to look out for in 2019

Design trend 2019 Zolo Real Estate Outlook 2019

With the final days of the year now upon us, many of us are making a mental list of all the improvements we want to accomplish in 2019. It seems right. January is often a month filled with long, dark days with the best part being snow-covered streets or mountains. It’s sort of blank slate or fresh start if you will. It’s a time of improvement. New fitness routines and health habits, and yes, even a fresh start for your home.

This New Year brings with it a number of exciting and sharp-looking design trends for everyone from the micro-condo dweller to the first-time homeowner. For those looking to get their home sweet homes on point for the new year, the top interior design trends of 2019 are below.

#1: Artisanal decor

spring decor for your home

Generic household decor and trinkets designed for the masses are out and quality, handcrafted products are in. Your home is a place that embodies your personality where you can kick back and truly unwind. Because of that, many voices in the design world are suggesting investing in more meaningful, artisanal items for your space and less in widely-produced objects owned by everyone and their aunt. Think handwoven blankets spotted at a local market, pottery from the nearby gallery and handcrafted light fixtures, for example.

#2. Bold graphic tiles

Elle Decor

Bold, graphic tiles are a sign you’re at the home of a friend with style in 2019. This is a fun trend to get on board with if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or mudroom. While patterned tiles are in, get crazy with funky prints, bright colours and cool graphic prints.

#3. Ornate wallpaper 

Design trend 2019 Zolo Real Estate Outlook 2019

Vogue recently claimed that ornate wallpaper is going to be having a moment in 2019 so if you’re re-doing the walls in your newly-bought home or simply looking to update your cozy abode, that’s a trend to consider. This coming new year, intricate patterns, fussy florals or wallpapers with a touch of gold are no longer only for your grandmother. In fact, you may want to look at her pad more closely for some inspiration.

#3. Terrazzo 

Terrazzo design trend Zolo Real Estate Outlook 2019

We’re not sure who said it first but several mainstream sources (including Refinery29 and Apartment Therapy) are going crazy for terrazzo for anything from bathroom countertops to candle holders. If you’ve never heard of, terrazzo is a mosaic-like print often involving fragments of tile and glass set in plaster. While it may be a pretty look, we’d caution against going crazy with this one: turning the whole bathroom into a collage can only be cool for so long… That said, since this is going to be one of the biggest home trends of 2019, you’re likely to have no trouble scooping up decorative dishes or objects for the mantle in this material. 

#4. Bold rugs 

Bold colourful rug design trend Zolo Outlook 2019

Rugs are some of the most fun accessories to shop for and the great thing is that they can be an inexpensive way to give a lift to a lacking interior. This coming year, a quick look through favourite design boutiques, magazines and Instagram accounts will show that bold-coloured rugs or floor coverings with detailed patterns are all the rage.

#5. Black bathrooms

Black bathroom design trends Zolo Outlook 2019

You can rarely go wrong with black. That has always been true for fashion but it’s true for your home too. In 2019, black walls, accents and decorations are likely to be in-vogue in your favourite home outfitter shop. If looking to redecorate the bathroom, pastels and airy colour schemes could be a thing of the past with charcoal, sombre hues taking over instead, suggests Elle Decor. Re-decorate the bathroom off the master bedroom with this trend in mind and you’ve just made the job simple: it won’t at all be hard to find items matching this colour scheme. 

#6. Natural materials trump all others

clay kitchenware design trends Zolo outlook 2019

Apartment Therapy is the go-to Pinterest page for many interior design obsessed folks and for good reason. This coming year, they suggest going as natural as possible with the items that add a little flair to your home. For example, countertops with raw materials, wooden floors, clay kitchenware, rice paper crafts and stone items can all be the focal points in kitchens and living rooms this year.

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