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10 luxury celebrity bathrooms you won’t believe

inside the home of luxury celebrity bathrooms

A bathroom can be many things. Some use it as an escape, others find inspiration through moments of solitude, while others consider the bathroom a place to “take care of business.” These luxury celebrity bathrooms surely provide a sanctuary for their owners.

Then there are celebrity bathrooms. Here are 10 luxury celebrity bathrooms that prove that these are important household rooms, even to our favourite A-listers.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s bathroom would make even Rachel Green envious

minimalist celebrity bathroom
Architectural Digest

It’s only right that this gorgeous and minimalistic bathroom belongs to everyone’s favourite Friend’s actress, Jennifer Aniston. With her many feature film roles and red-carpet appearances, this is the perfect place to come home and unwind for this celebrity.

2. The Yves Saint Laurent guest-bathroom

guest bathroom celebrity style
Elle Decor

At Dar Es Saada, the guesthouse at legendary couturier Yves Saint Laurent’s Marrakech home, designer Bill Willis gave each of the six bathrooms its own style. In the guest bathroom, Willis used tiles and texture to create an inviting space.

3. Celine Dion’s bathroom goes on and on

Home Bunch

Celine’s former Montreal, Quebec mansion’s bathroom reminds us of the good old days. It’s lush and plush in all the right places and its warm decor takes us back to a time where you could stand on the bow of a ship with your arms open wide — Titanic style.

4. Bobby Flay’s private retreat

Elle Decor

Bobby Flay works hard to win championship after championship on Iron Chef America and his many other Food Network shows. He probably needs this glass encased shower and amazing stand alone tub to wind down after a crazy day in the kitchen.

5. Kanye West likes to swim with the fishes


We’re not surprised that Kanye West’s former bathroom offers a taste for the dramatic. We can just hear him singing in the shower: “Yo, fishes, I’m really happy for you. Imma let you finish but Finding Nemo had the best fishbowl of all time.”

 6. Dick Clark’s yabba dabba doo throwback


The late Dick Clark had an entire home built with a Flintstones feel. While it might not suit everyone’s taste, it certainly stands as an architectural masterpiece with a spa-like feel complete with unique and interesting textures throughout.

7. Jennifer Fisher’s shoes are made for viewing


Jennifer Fisher is known for her outstanding jewellery designs that are often worn by celebrities. Considering her flair for the finer things it’s not a surprise that her tub and shower were built to allow her to gaze upon her Jimmy Choo and Chanel shoe collection and wardrobe.

8. A view fit for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Vanity Fair

A tub with this view is perfect for all-star athlete Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen. As a small corner of their private residence, which takes up the entire 47th floor of a building located in the city that never sleeps, New York City. It appears Brady and Bundchen enjoy the curved motif that includes wrap-around views from various rooms as well as this gorgeous egg-shaped tub.

9. Suzanne Somer’s fancy exposed brick

Cotede Texas

Suzanne Somers’ Palm Spring home offers a spa-like bathroom with exposed brick walls and a wild throw rug. Even though there may be a lot going on, the design comes together to create a cozy vibe and eclectic theme.

10. Madmen‘s Vincent Kartheiser’s small but elegant space


With only 580 square feet to work with, Vincent Kartheiser, otherwise known as Pete Campbell of Madmen, added some great character to his bathroom with this rock formation sink.

Bonus: feel like a celebrity on this ship


Finally, a celebrity bathroom you can use! Celebrity Cruiseline’s ship, the Celebrity Reflection, offers this amazing bathroom to their guests who occupy ship suites. Time to take a voyage, wouldn’t you say? But where’s the toilet?

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