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9 brilliant painting ideas every homeowner needs to try

blue ceiling paint idea

Paint is that final, added touch. That last detail that can make or break the feel of a room and can help or hinder the sale of your home. Painting a room (or house) can be a simple enough job to tackle on your own or you can opt for a professional for some spectacular results. But isn’t a painted wall, just a painted wall? No. Use these nine brilliant painting ideas to transform any room in your house.

1. Accent(uate) the positive

brilliant painting ideas
The Spruce

One painting idea is to create an accent wall with deep or vibrant colours. You can also make a bold statement by selecting a rich contrasting colour that differs from the rest of the room. Your “statement” wall will liven up the area and play tricks with your eyes.

If you’ve got a large room that needs to feel cozier, choose a warm colour like orange, red or yellow. These shades can bring the wall toward you and make space seem smaller. By adding an accent wall in a fire colour, your guests will feel the heat and want to stay awhile. Got a small space that needs expanding? You guessed it! Choose a cool shade of blue, green or purple to pull the wall away and make the room seem bigger.

2. Glaze right into the future

glazed wall
Allstate Log Homes Construction and Design

Sponge painting with glaze is one of the easiest ways to create texture and a subtle, cloudy effect without needing an interior design degree. You really can’t mess it up, so all us non-creatives can rejoice. Grab a natural sea sponge, glaze, a couple of cans of different coloured paint, and get ready to be amazed.

  • Protect your trim and floor with painters’ tape and drop cloths
  • Select a base colour latex paint, one dark or light shade to contrast the base tone, and one glaze colour
  • Add paint to a roller tray, roll on the base colour and allow the paint to dry
  • Dip the sponge into a different paint colour, start near the ceiling and lightly dab it on the wall
  • Continue patting from top to bottom in small sections, but don’t try to cover the entire wall at once
  • Be sure to wash the sponge out and allow the paint to dry between each new colour application
  • Lastly, take a latex glaze to provide a translucent appearance
  • Sponge the glaze sparingly over other dried colours for a shimmery, textured effect
  • Be sure to remove painter’s tape carefully before the final coat dries or it may pull off some of the wall paint

3. The bold and the ombre

ombre wall

Beautifully blended colours and patterns derived from nature are now the latest trends in interior design. By mimicking images like the sky at sunset or the changing leaves in fall, painted surfaces using ombre effects provide a calm, soothing environment. The design requires at least two base colours with one stacked above the other, a blending brush and water. Take a brush and blend the water along the edge of the wet paint and into the colour below. This will thin out the tone and give the impression it is fading into the other shade.

4. Stand out with patterns

painted patterned rollers
The Painted House

Patterned paint rollers create designs similar to stencils but without needing artist credentials. A unique double roller delivers the paint evenly to a standard roller and then to the attached patterned roller. Working in small vertical sections, merely roll from the top of the wall to the bottom. Carefully align the pattern to the previous section to create a wallpaper-style design. The rollers are interchangeable with other models and can be used over and over.

5. Use that tape for specatucular results!

painting ideas tape pattern

Duct tape has been known as the “go-to product” for everything from fixing a broken car part to fashioning a prom dress. While duct-tape isn’t ideal for a painted wall (it strips paint when it’s peeled off) it should inspire you to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to painter’s green tape — the tape used to cover and protect floors, ceilings and other wall features from pain. Using painter’s tape, get creative and layout a unique pattern. Make a design with checkered squares or stripes, or something equally wild and crazy. The possibilities are endless. Finally, paint the open spots and remove the tape for a one-of-a-kind finish.

6. Just a trim, please

trim interior painting bold colours

With the multitude of decorative options available for painting ideas and walls, you can see why the trim is often overlooked. Many older Canadian homes, apartments and condos have wood window trim and baseboards that need to be freshened up. You can stick with the traditional white paint or take a walk on the wild side with a shade lighter or darker than the wall colour. Use a single tone throughout the room to create a more minimalistic look.

Before you repaint your windows, check for rotting wood, broken glass seals, poor operation or other signs that it’s time to install replacement windows. You’ll not only reduce your utility bills with more efficient windows, but you’ll also enhance curb appeal when you’re ready to sell.

7. Walk around the block

design painting ideas

Speaking of fresh painting ideas, why not create bold focal points with colour blocking? Combine contrasting or bright colours with geometric effects and boom! You’ve got a statement wall. For a dramatic effect, keep the base colour white or beige and add a bright hue halfway up the wall.

You can also paint the back of a door in two vibrant shades split on an angle. Do you prefer triangular shapes? Divide a wall into triangles and paint each section a different colour. Help a bookcase stand out in the room by painting the inside a bright red. Leave the rest of the wall white and listen to the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” when friends visit.

8. Look up, down and all around

blue ceiling paint idea

Who decided that ceilings had to be white? It’s time to throw caution to the wind and paint the “fifth wall” something unique. Use a shade darker than the walls to create an intimate feel and a shade lighter than the walls to draw the eye upward for a more open, airy environment. Now aside from the roof, what about the floor? There is no need to neglect or cover up a worn-out floor. Instead, freshen it up with a coat of paint by choosing a solid colour or design to add character and personality to an uninspired space.

9. Create a masterpiece

animal mural
Architectural Digest

Not all painting ideas have to be complicated. Let your walls be your canvas and add a mural. Whether you’re an artist yourself or hire one to hand paint it for you, let your imagination go to make your space distinctively yours.

Let your paintbrush be the tool that transforms your home into something special. It’s time to throw out the old and tired concepts and open your mind to new and exciting painting ideas. When you’re finished with this home improvement project, take a look at these home design trends for 2018 for added inspiration. You’ll be glad you did.

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