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Design trends for 2018

Top design trends in 2018

Nothing says home design quite like accents, tones and textures—and all are expected to be a part of 2018’s top design trends in 2018, across Canada.

After speaking with four of Canada’s top designers to gain their insight on new colours, themes and regional differences, we’re convinced that the New Year will bring just the right amount of fun that homeowners both new and old, need.

“We saw a lot of white on white on white as well as greys last year,” said Kim Vanderenden of AK Design and Development in Calgary, Alberta. “Now I think we’ll see a lot more colour come to play.”

Black is back in 2018

interior design trends 2020   Monochrome kitchen with accents. Classic decor schemes for kitchens
AK Design

Last year, Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year was “Shadow”—which is a deep black paint—and it blew up throughout home and decor designs across Canada. Among the darker shades, Vanderenden said she is confident that the black and gold theme will continue through to design trends in 2018.

“Brass and brushed gold are still very hot and popular,” said Vanderenden. “The older generations hate it as it reminds them of their oak and gold era, but now it’s all white oak and brushed gold.”

If Vanderenden had to name these colour schemes and provide a theme, she would label the western vibe as “modern farmhouse,” which is quite suited to the Alberta population.

“Black is the most practical basic base that anyone could rely on both in fashion and interior,” said Tiffany Pratt, designer and HGTV host in Toronto, Ontario, “although some people were a little slow on the uptake.” She believes that gold will still be big in 2018. “Even though some real trailblazers got on gold last year, gold is still owning it as a metal option in the world of doors and fixtures and faucets.”

Introducing a few new brooding tones

colour pop bright shade deep tones
Form Collective

There was a consensus among the designers that the same deeper tones and pops of colour in 2017, will be consistent in 2018. However, added to the palette are navy blues, rich greens, dark browns and rich blacks.

Designers also agreed that mixed metals are here to stay. Josephina Serra and Lauren Webb of Form Collective in Vancouver, B.C., said that things aren’t as matchy-matchy as they used to be—and they’re excited about the change.

“Before, people would go with chrome and say they wanted chrome everywhere, but now we’re changing it up a little bit,” says Serra.

Francesco DiSarro of Toronto-based Capoferro Design and Build predicted an increase in coppers and dark bronzes hitting the metal department in 2018.

Expect select colours to pop in design trends in 2018

tiffany pratt toronto bright colours
Tiffany Pratt

In recent years, Canadians have been fairly conservative when it comes to bright colours and jumping outside of the box as far as interior design goes. In part, this may have to do with the old-philosophy of keeping it neutral to keep a home’s resale value. But things will change slightly in 2018.

“Neutral colours will never go away, but I think people are becoming more comfortable with colour for sure,” explains Pratt. “Back in the day, there was a faux pas that if you put pink with red or if you put pink and peach together, these colours would clash, but I think there will be a big resurgence in pairing colours that are in the same colour family.”

Based on Pantone’s colour of the year, which is “Ultra Violet,” and Benjamin Moore heading towards a playful red colour called “Caliente,” designers are sure that large, bright interiors are coming—they just aren’t sure how soon.

“We’re seeing a lot of bright reds and greens and yellows as 2018 colours,” said Vanderenden. “I don’t think we’re quite ready for that, but closer to the end of the year I see us catching up to the trend.”

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