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10 interior design ideas every bachelor pad needs

interior design epic bachelor pad

Whether you have a bachelor pad, man cave or office space that needs an upgrade, we have all of the necessary design tricks and tips to take that area from lame to lit. Finding interior design inspiration for bachelor pads can be a good place to start. These 10 ideas to transform your bachelor pad into the spot everyone wants to hang out at on the weekends are just what you’ve been looking for.

1. Industrial shelves and exposed brick

bachelor pad design

Nothing says man cave quite like these futuristic industrial shelves and exposed brick. Our favourite part of this bachelor pad inspiration, though? The Captain America shield. With an open concept room and a luxurious leather couch, your bachelor pad will be everything you’ve ever dreamed it could be.

2. Lounge chairs and an open concept

bachelor pad goals

With a black and brown colour combination, these epic lounge chairs and round floor lamps transform the space into what looks like a relaxing bachelor pad. We also love the shelving unit that displays some unique art pieces and room for some of the owner’s favourite novels.

3. A statement wall with bright colours

bachelor pad statement wall

Rather than go the usual route and choose classic neutrals, we love the idea of spicing up a bachelor pad using bright colours and textures through a statement or feature wall. The red might be a little bit outside of your comfort zone, but it provides a great idea of what colour can honestly do for a room.

4. Personal touches to demonstrate your hobbies

suitcase coffee table
Next Luxury

By incorporating some critical pieces of furniture that display your love for travel, sport and the outdoors — we love the idea of going bold with a vintage trunk for your coffee table. Bachelor pads can be as unique as you are, given that the design falls purely into the owner’s hands. No idea is off limits.

5. Sleek furniture to match your minimalist lifestyle

sleek design

For homeowners who try to keep their living room free of trinkets and material items, we think this bachelor pad demonstrates precisely how modern and sleek designs can mix well with minimalism. The hidden fireplace and statement wall featuring a flat screen television screams 2018.

6. Bring your own built-in-bar

built in bar

Rather than have an entire bar, the beer-loving bachelor might enjoy a unique take on the classic liquor cabinet. If a modern kitchen wasn’t on your list, we have a feeling it might be now. Every host needs a cool home design feature to break the ice. Literally.

7. An amazing piece of artwork

artwork feature wall
Home Design Lover

Whether your idea of artwork is as big or as bold as this painting of an eagle, we certainly admire their bold move in turning the design into a feature wall. This bachelor pad bedroom takes a variety of textures and patterns that genuinely work together to create a unique vibe that we can dig.

8. An entertainment room for the big games

theatre room bachelor pad
Next Luxury

Whether you’re all about the NBA, the NHL or The Oscars — an entertainment room will make your bachelor pad dreams come true. Everyone knows that Saturday nights are made for barken loungers, big screens and bartops.

9. A stand-alone tub and retreat-like bathroom

bathroom bachelor pad
The Spruce

It’s hard work maintaining the perfect bachelor pad, which means a spa-style bath might be just what you’re missing to complete the interior of your man cave. A deep stand-alone tub is an excellent way to spend your Friday night unwinding after a long week at work.

10. An office that inspires

inspiring office bachelor pad

Speaking of work, sometimes an at-home post is just as important as your living room or master suite. Why not attempt something creative, such as this chalkboard wall featuring a map of the world. We know nothing inspires quite like the idea of vacationing abroad.

A house is not a home until you’ve added a few personal touches. We hope these 10 interior design ideas spark your imagination and allow you to take your bachelor pad to the next level.

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