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7 famous Hollywood houses and where they are actually located

9 Hollywood houses and where they are actually located.

Sometimes the setting absolutely drives the plotline of the story. Quite often, that setting is a home, especially some of the most famous Hollywood houses. Think Home Alone or even Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Yet, the home we see on the silver screen may be quite different than the reality of the house in everyday life. Here are some of the coolest and most iconic houses of cinema and famous Hollywood houses, and where they are actually located. (And to test your skills, what movie is the iconic white farmhouse above been in? Answer at the bottom.)

1. Cameron’s dad’s house in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

Highland Park, IL


The famed glass door mansion outside Chicago where Cameron’s dad kept his prized Ferrari wasn’t actually in Chicago, but about an hour away in Highland Park, IL. The real house has been up on the market for years, only to be sold in early 2016 for $1.25 million USD, after being reduced from $2.3 mil USD—quite a drop from the original listing price.

2. The house that witnessed a murder? Maybe

Whittier, California

Tony Hoffarth

Here’s the gorgeous craftsman house where the teen-horror thriller Disturbia was shot. In many of the movie scenes, the house seems eerie and ominous. However, here it doesn’t seem gruesome at all. Maybe dealing with a terrifying neighbour isn’t so bad if you get to live in a house like that.

The teen mama drama

Vancouver, BC

Julian Schungel

Here’s the cutest little button of a home, which is why it was chosen as the outdoor backdrop for the teen-momma drama Juno. While the film was set in Minnesota, it was actually filmed in Vancouver, BC, where this home is located.

3. Teen vampires unite!

Vancouver, BC

Rupert Ganzer

This sleek 5,000 square foot, 5 bedroom stunner is exactly where I would choose to chill if I had to live forever. Which is why the home was used in the filming of Twilight, the teen vampire thriller. The real house is nestled creekside in West Vancouver, B.C. Like a vampire. It’s impressive, sleek, and angular. It was even on the market a few years back for a cool $3.3-million CDN.

4. Where’s my notebook?

South Carolina

9 Hollywood houses and where they are actually located. The Notebook. Ryan Gosling
Movies Galore

Here’s the romantic old house that serves as a set for the last half of the movie, The Notebook. Despite its appearance in the movie, the real home is quite a bit more modern.

5. Who’s home? 

Chicago, IL


Unlike most of the locations on this list, a large part of the movie Home Alone was actually filmed inside this house, instead of on a set in northern LA. The inside is a little less family-themed and a lot more delicate, with plenty of antiques and lots of curved lines and quaint touches.

6. That neighbour

Los Angeles, CA


The house used to film the iconic movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), is sort of a go-to house for filmmakers in California. Located in LA, this home has been featured in other films, including Pleasantville, Moonlight, ER, and American Beauty.

7. The horror!

Los Angeles, CA

Loren Javier

The ominous home in the anthology, American Horror Story, is actually a lovely home in a well-to-do suburb of Los Angeles, California.

Finally, did you figure out where the iconic white house in the big open field made its debut?

DYERSVILLE, IOWA   AUGUST 20, 2015: Field of Dreams house and mo

If you guessed Field of Dreams, you are correct! Located in Dyersville, Iowa, this house was the movie set for the 1989 film starring Kevin Costner. Despite it’s Hollywood image, it’s really the Lansing Family Farm home, where the family continues to live and work.

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