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The best tiny homes for sale in Ontario

Would you live in any of these tiny homes? Many Canadians are considering this non-traditional option when it comes to home buying
tiny homes in Ontario

The tiny home movement is gaining a lot of momentum in Canada. There are articles, guides, images and even a television series that focus on eco-friendly, innovative tiny house designs, and it isn’t hard to see why. A tiny home requires fewer materials to build, which means that they are cheaper to make than an average house. In fact, most tiny homes range from $20,000 to $70,000. 

Therefore, if you want to move into a tiny home in Ontario, we’ve got your back. Here are five tiny houses that are currently for sale in Ontario (as of February 27, 2018). 

1. Kingston, Ontario
Cost: $84,900

Tiny House Town

This 390 square foot tiny home on wheels has a beautiful open concept interior. The kitchen includes all necessary appliances except for a dishwasher and washer or dryer. However, there is plenty of room to add either of those options. The dining space can fit four people, which would make having visitors much easier. There are a master bedroom and a loft for guests to stay, as well as a living room and one bathroom. The best part? The trailer means you can move this tiny house anywhere you’d like.

2. Ottawa, Ontario
Cost: $70,000


This tiny modern home sits at just 408 square feet, has one bedroom and one bathroom but seems much larger. The creative interior design includes an up-to-date kitchen with new appliances, a welcoming living room with a cozy electric fireplace and more storage than any tiny homeowner could need.

3. Meaford, Ontario
Cost: $36,900

Tiny House Listings

This exciting offer is slightly different to all of the other tiny homes on this list; this home is still in parts, but you can pick it up in Ontario and build it for yourself. That’s right; you don’t need any building permits to do so, and as you pick up a complete set of pre-assembled components it is straightforward to put together. It is also possible to customize your tiny home, giving it a sense of personality and individuality. The best thing about this tiny home is that one wall is entirely made from glass, meaning that the house has a beautiful modern feel to it, and it also seems very bright and spacious when you are inside!

4. Warkworth, Ontario
Cost: $83,000

Tiny House Town

Sustainable living blog, Greenmoxie, are the designers and inventors behind this beautiful tiny home designed by David Shephard and built by Ian Fotheringham. The environmentally friendly focus make for propane based kitchen appliances. Sitting at just 340 square feet, the tiny home straight out of Ontario is extremely cozy and modern, built for those who love the outdoors and prefer to live off the grid.

5. London, Ontario
Cost: Prices vary

Red Door Tiny Homes

Red Door Tiny Homes are custom builders based out of London, Ontario who specialize in small housing. Their craftsman design and custom features help homebuyers focus on financial freedom and living a sustainable lifestyle with less. These minimalistic style tiny homes are exceptionally environmentally friendly and allow owners to live a simple lifestyle. Not only can you order the tiny home built for you, but there is also the option to buy the builders plans and tackle this project on your own.

There is a wide range of tiny homes for sale in Ontario, from pre-lived in dwellings to self-built homes that you can customize yourself. The main reason people choose to buy these non-traditional properties is to lower the costs of homeownership and to decrease their material items to a more maintainable list of personal belongings. If you think tiny homes are for you — why not check out some of these fresh options?

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson

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