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6 craziest things ever found under the floorboards

under the floorboards

We get it. Dirt and dust get into the floorboard cracks, so who knows what kind of dust bunnies lurk below. But for some homeowners and home buyers, there’s more than a dusty buildup under the floorboards. Some people find bizarre even terrifying stuff right beneath their feet in their own house. Here are six examples of crazy things found under the floorboards.

1. Giant Monopoly board

under the floorboards - Monopoly board
Daily Star

We get it. A life-sized Monopoly board isn’t exactly treasure, but it is cool. When the room has a “chance card” option any party immediately becomes more interesting. So, when Nyeland Newel, San Francisco resident, decided to strip off the carpeting in the first-floor bedroom he found something magical below: a giant Monopoly board painted on the floorboards, complete with community chest and railroads. Newel wanted to create giant lifesize gameboard pieces, but his wife ousted the idea and opted for a more classic look with new wall-to-wall carpets.

2. Over $300,000 USD worth of gold dust

under the floorboards - gold dust
NY Daily News

They say renovations pay for themselves but I really don’t think this is what they meant. Two Sacramento homeowners decided to renovate their heating system but were surprised to open up the walls and ducts only to find dozens of baby food jars. But the real shock came when they decided to open the jars. Instead of mashed peas and peaches, the couple found pure gold dust worth $300,000 USD.

3. A 200-year-old love letter

under the floorboards - old love letter
Gloucestershire Echo

On a distinguished Albany farm in Western Australia, a letter described as flirtatious was discovered folded up in an old black, leather wallet.  The letter, accompanied by paper embroidered with the words “remember me,” dates back to 1801 and it’s believed it was from a Miss Phebe Mundy to a mysterious Mr Trotman. Local castle historians have no information on either person but by the cheeky, daring tone of the letter, they believe that the letter writer was a young woman writing to an older man of a different class.

4.  Century-old Whiskey

under the floorboards - ancient whiskey
ABC News

When Bryan Fite of St. Joseph, Montana, bought his house he assumed that the strangely shaped pipes were just some old-fashioned custom-installation. After some time he decided to inspect the oddly shaped pipes and soon realized that the installation wasn’t a set of pipes but bottles and bottles of old bourbon.

The bottles are estimated to be worth hundreds of dollars each, but the owner isn’t selling these Whiskey bottles. Instead, he and his friends will open the bottles this year, in 2017, when the bottles finally turn exactly a century old.

5. Thousands of Viking corpses


Apparently, St. Cuthbert’s Church in Corsenside, England has seen its fair share of weird artefacts, but no one was prepared for the discovery of another, buried church underneath this church way back in the 1880s.

While St. Cuthbert’s is believed to be the final resting place of the medieval mystic, monk and healer, Cuthbert, it’s also the final resting place of thousands of Viking skulls, placed there during the Viking raids to this part of England.

6. George Michael’s Stalker

Water Cooler Sports Network

This is the stuff of nightmares. In 2004, pop legend George Michael was entertaining a group of friends, when he heard his name coming up from beneath the house. George Michael definitely gets props for his daring discovery: a woman living under his living room floor!  Apparently, George’s split-level home was built so that the living room extends out over a hillside and rests on stilts. His stalker had managed to set up camp underneath the stilts. She’d been living there for over half a week when George finally discovered her. He immediately recognized her as the woman who hung around his garden all of the time. George kept his cool and asked the lady to leave. When she refused, he called the police and after a minor altercation, she was removed from the premise.

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