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3 modern tiny homes built on wheels

tiny homes on wheels

Do you dream of getting away from it all, but feel too tied down by your debts and obligations? While that might sound like the opening line of a bad infomercial, it’s become the universal introduction to the concept of living in a tiny home built on wheels.

The tiny house movement is a grassroots group of people who advocate living simply and more sustainably in small homes. Tiny homes can be built using a variety of methods, but all incorporate a simple principle: Build a place that provides a complete living space but using a smaller footprint. While some tiny homes are built in place—anchored to the earth, and to the community that adheres to the small house movement principles—others are built on a trailer chassis. These tiny homes on wheels allow the homeowners to, quite literally, take their show on the road.

To get you inspired, here are three modern tiny homes on wheels that prove that even if tiny homes compromise on space, they don’t on style on substance.

The Waterton Tiny House

3 modern tiny homes built on wheels

Cost: $56,900 CDN and up

The Waterton Tiny Home was built for Parks Canada in 2016 by the Alberta-based Blackbird Tiny Homes company. This tiny home on wheels is 20 feet long and built on a twin axle trailer. As per Parks Canada requirements, this tiny home was built to accommodate four people for both eating and sleeping. To do this, the design called for some creative solutions. The dining room table became a removable feature, with the table-top converting into part of the living seating area and, later, the second bed that can accommodate two people. Above this lounge area is a sleeping loft, which is accessible by the ladder stairs. The kitchen is also well thought out. There is a double-induction burner that, when not in use, can be folded away to create more counter space.

When stationary, this tiny home sets up just like an RV and includes a propane shed made from recycled pallet wood with a door on each side. Plus, the home includes a pull-out deck for barbecuing that can be contracted during travel.

If you’re looking for a rustic feel with barn style sliding doors, a tiny home from Blackbird Tiny Homes may be a good choice for you. For something comparable to the Waterton home, check out The Crow design, which starts at $56,900. Who knows, you may end up spending your afternoons barbecuing on your deck while enjoying the view of the great outdoors, all from your new, mobile tiny home.

The Zyl Vardos Fuschia Tiny House

3 modern tiny homes built on wheels

Cost: $91,000 USD 

Are you in love with Craftsman-style homes, but want the smaller footprint of a tiny home? You are in luck. Tiny home builder Zyl Vardos makes a model that’s perfect for you—and prepare to fall in love. From the stainless steel appliances to the gas range and on-demand hot water to the solid Oak floor, these homes exude fine craftsmanship and quality.

Located in Olympia, Washington, USA, Zyl Vardos has been building custom, high-end tiny homes since 2007, so the company knows a thing or two about customizing space without skimping on the details. Founder Abel Zimmerman Zyl is a founding member of the American Tiny House Association and quietly boasts more than 25 years in the trade and building industries.

This particular home is known as the Fuschia tiny house and costs $91,000 (USD). It measures 24 feet long and 8.6 feet wide and weighs around 10,200 pounds.

Tiny Toybox Home

3 modern tiny homes built on wheels

Cost: $48,000 USD and up

Today’s modern tiny home on wheels includes this 140 square foot, smartly designed Tiny Toybox Home. This modern tiny home on wheels combines contemporary design with ecologically sustainable material to create a simple, happy place to call home.

Features include an energy efficient, thermoplastic white-roof that aids in rain collection and climate control, and a painted cedar base wrap. Fiberglass cubes and cedar are used for siding, while a sliding glass door offers plenty of extra light. Inside you’ll find modern-inspired furniture including a couch composed of eight storage cubes (these cubes can be moved around to create a guest bed), and a galley kitchen with stainless steel counter and cabinets that maximize storage space. The upstairs loft is the

When it comes to unique abodes and modern real estate trends, tiny homes on wheels certainly tops the list. Yet, more and more builders are turning their attention to building smaller, more efficient homes. For us, it’s a chance to see what small-space living and the freedom to pick and get away from it all, really looks like.

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