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11 theme rooms that will make you want to renovate

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If you’re wondering what to do with that extra room in your home or you’re tired of that bland space, then ruminate (pun intended) on these home decor and theme room ideas. A theme room might be just what you need to spice up your home.

1. William Shatner would be proud


This room is Shatner approved, full stop. The bed is front and centre and in command and the colour palette is perfect, even for home design trends of 2018. It’s the perfect place to geek out but in a chic way.

2. A sweet room


If you love candy, you’ll love this sweet-themed suite. It’s the gummy bear footboard, and the chocolate bar accents that scream candy is life. (PS: Did anyone notice that white chocolate fountain?) This candy-style room is perfect for adults with a sweet tooth or a fun theme room for kids.

3. Super space

Silvia Tomassoni

A functional theme room might be the best addition to your home — and this Superman design is perfect. We adore the details: from the Daily Planet inspired globe to the phone booth that Superman uses to change in, it’s a theme room built for a super person.

4. Car lovers dream

Home Designing

There is something magical about retro spaces and this room makes us want to sock-hop with the best of them. A slight tip of the cap to the 1968 Disney movie The Love Bug, this place is perfect for either the car or movie buff in your life.

5. Canadian hockey fans rejoice


This is the quintessential Canadian basement with a floor that looks like ice, a hockey corner for television timeouts and a tabletop top game, there’s a tonne to cheer about in this room!

6. Romantic and chic


Boutique fantastic and oh so classy! The fabrics and the ornate scrollwork in this room make this theme an easy upgrade and with the all the inexpensive DIY’s decor you end up feeling like you’re vacationing in Paris, year round.

7. Have a ball


Finally! A ball-pit room built for adults! Simple but fun, this theme is a great way to let off stress and just feel like a kid again. (Think we’re kidding? Google has this theme room in one of their offices to help employees destress. Seriously!)

8. A modern tree fort

Frame Dergisi

Bringing the outdoors into the indoors is an ongoing decor theme, but what about recreating the outdoors inside your sleeping space? While minimal and contemporary, this area still has a very fresh and hip feeling and the theme may help you find your inner peace.

9. It’s a jungle in here


This Reno, Nevada hotel offers themed-decor rooms. While you may not want all of this in your home, it is a perfect piece of inspiration to see that going “wild” doesn’t have to be scary.

10. Living the aquatic life


Another hotel you may consider visiting — for inspiration, of course! — is this underwater resort in Fiji. This hotel room gives you a chance to lie in bed as you watch the ocean and its creatures drift by.

11. Dude, your bedroom is out of this universe!

Pocket Lint

Turn on a movie and fly off into space with the astronauts in this media room. Given that Star Wars and Star Trek have made triumphant returns over the last few years we’re sure you’ll find many friends who would gladly nerd out with you in this room!

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Amy is a Realtor with Zolo who lives and specializes in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). A fan of The Amazing Race and mid-century modern architecture, Amy spends her off-time on hiking trails or taking in a movie with her family.