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Playrooms that both parents and kids will love

playrooms for parents and kids

Every parent knows that an indoor space for play can make a huge difference in dealing with the challenge that is keeping your child busy or keeping your home clean. Given the option between mud-filled boots or toy-filled shelves, we guess your child will choose one of these playrooms 100% of the time. Check out these nine inspirational playroom ideas for what a family room can become with a little bit of tender love and care.

1. For the child who loves a good storybook

diy playroom for kids
Ideal Home

Perfect for both parents and their children, this reading nook playroom provides an ideal place to get comfortable and learn together. Not only are the books low to the ground so your kids can choose for themselves, the multiple bean bags and cushions make this area feel safe and fun.

2. For the child who loves to play dress-up

imagination playrooms fun

What child doesn’t have the imagination to spark multiple costume changes within one day? This dress-up themed playroom will have the entire neighbourhood of children asking if they can come over to play superheroes and villains on the weekend.

3. For the child who loves arts and crafts

arts and crafts playrooms
The Spruce

Not only does this playroom idea contain a chalkboard wall, but it also has just enough colour to keep your kid’s creative juices flowing — and maybe even your own. An impressive space for parents and their children to tackle arts and crafts together, we sincerely love this inspired idea for a family home.

4. For the child who loves simplicity

adult child playrooms
Architectural Digest

Not every playroom has to be about toys and storage space. Sometimes, the best playrooms are those that have a theme that plays towards whatever your child is currently loving — which might be cupcakes and futuristic furniture. Although, we have a feeling this playroom might satisfy both the design-focused parent and their family.

5. For the child who loves a good slumber party

movie night playroom
DIY Network

A playroom perfect for the occasional slumber party or movie night, every member of the family will enjoy this comfortable playroom designed with colour in mind. Not only can the parents use this room as an escape after the kids go to bed, your children and their friends will never complain about nap time again.

6. For the child who loves to run a lemonade stand

market playrooms idea
Treehouse Threads

For the parents who have a child that is already showing sparks of interest in entrepreneurship, a DIY marketplace might be the perfect playroom idea to invest in. Whether you create a hot chocolate stand, grocery store or small office space for your future business-owner, your child will be sure to fall in love.

7. For the child who never wants to leave the playground

slide into fun playrooms

Slide right into the fun with a playground style playroom that every child and parent will love. Not only does the slide allow for an indoor activity once a cold Canadian winter storm rolls around, but it also provides the effect of an outdoor vibe without the mess of dirty boots and muddy grass.

8. For the child who doesn’t need a ton of space

small space playrooms

Not every home has enough space to go from bedrooms to playrooms. Rather than worry about upsizing your property, consider taking a small corner of your basement and turning it into a space-saving toy corner with loads of storage and a variety of bright colours.

9. For the child who loves the great outdoors

camp indoors playroom
DIY Network

If your child loves to go camping, but being outdoors isn’t always an option, consider this adorable tent set up as their perfect playroom. Stylish yet fun, this ready-made fort will protect your couch cushions from being turned into a clubhouse for the neighbourhood kids.

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