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Signs you’ve outgrown your home

porta potty lines signs you've outgrown your home

There are so many reasons we outgrow our current space. The addition of a new family member, we start a collection of truly awesome stuff, or we just need a private room for an at-home office or relaxation space. Whatever the reason, there are always signs you’ve outgrown your home. Here are 10 ways to tell if your current abode is getting a bit too cramped.

1. Your sleeping arrangements no longer make sense


Nice relaxing place, I guess. Perhaps the top of the refrigerator was taken?

2. The line up for the bathroom looks like something at Coachella


Just imagine the toilet paper bill!

3. Crossing the living room floor is harder than a game of Stratego

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Get those kids a playroom immediately! Or negotiate through the mound of toys, while praying you avoid stepping on a piece of Lego.

4. You’ve literally outgrown your space


Too tall for your door frame? It might be time to move. Perhaps 9-foot ceilings would be a better option for this guy.

5. The lawn becomes a legit parking place

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Has one or more of your family members started to use the front lawn as a driveway? Then it’s time to consider finding a more suitable lot for your family’s growing car collection.

6. You go to Ikea on a Saturday afternoon for some personal space

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If you look forward to getting out of your house just for a little peace and quiet then chances are you’ve outgrown your home.

7. You consider implementing bathroom office chic

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Not a bad set up!

8. Your babies need more room


Even fur babies appreciate a space of their own.

9. The baby is sleeping in the bathroom

bathroom nap
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Does your nursery double as a bathroom? It may be time to move.

10. There are too many people living under your roof


Do you come home to cries of “Welcome back!”—only because there are too many people to recognize when you’re coming and going? Then you probably need to find a bigger, perhaps more private space.

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Amy Billingsley

Amy is a Realtor with Zolo who lives and specializes in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam). A fan of The Amazing Race and mid-century modern architecture, Amy spends her off-time on hiking trails or taking in a movie with her family.