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3 of the best residential landscape designers in Canada

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If you can’t be with the home you love, it’s best to do everything possible to love the home you’re in. It’s what many Canadians who are too hesitant to move up in the current housing market are doing – improving their current surroundings with some of the best residential landscape designers in Canada.

One of the top tasks in improving a current home is to re-do the home’s exterior. Update the yard, re-do the home’s curb appeal and add a little, personalized oasis are some of the big reasons why people opt to seek out the services of a residential landscape designer. Another big reason is that updated landscaping can often add thousands to a home’s value.

According to a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce survey of Canadians who plan to renovate their homes, 38% say that landscaping is a project they’ll be taking on. Whether you’re after the curb appeal necessary to get top dollar for your home or you’ve decided to make home improvements that will enrich your lifestyle, finding the right residential landscape designer is critical to your project. What does a residential landscape designer do?

Here are three award-winning, best residential landscape designers in Canada that are worth taking a look at this year.

1. D.A. Gracey & Associates

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D.A. Gracey & Associates Landscaping Designers

D.A Gracey & Associates, based out of Toronto and Vaughan in Ontario, are one of the landscaping designers we recommend checking out. This year alone, the company won the 2017 Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence for four residential landscapes — an award they have won every year since 2009. The website’s before and after photos will provide you with some insight into their style, which includes their love of tackling small spaces. D.A Gracey & Associates revel in the challenges a little backyard presents. Take a look at one of their award-winning landscape designs, the Raby residence, which they refer to as “another tiny downtown gem.”

If low-maintenance is your goal, this landscape design company is happy to accommodate you there as well. From artificial turf to low-maintenance shrubs, they transformed the Sweeny Residence in Leaside into what they call a “private spa retreat.” As well as smaller spaces, luxury homeowners may be interested in viewing the work they did in the Rosedale area. Whether your dream landscape includes water features, gorgeous plants, a deck, irrigation systems, a pool or landscape lighting, D.A. Gracey & Associates are happy to accommodate with some brilliant solutions. The typical process includes a consultation, estimate, concept plan and a final fee quote. D.A. Gracey & Associates is a member of the Ontario Area Association of Landscape Architects, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and Landscape Ontario.

2. Joe Bidermann Landscaping

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Joe Bidermann Landscaping

No, not all of Canada’s best landscapers cater to those who live in Ontario. Joe Bidermann Landscaping in Nova Scotia took home the 2016 DynaSCAPE Award for Excellence in Landscape Design. Joe Bidermann is an accredited, nationally-certified and award-winning landscape designer. Much like a real estate agent and his or her client, the Joe Bidermann team believes that collaboration between the client and the landscape designer results in a team effort. They feel that the transparent relationship is necessary to create exactly what the client envisions. Stated on their website, “our award-winning designs recognize all aspects of a client’s life and reflect their needs and interests perfectly.”

The Joe Bidermann Landscaping team goes to great lengths to describe their process and how they differ from other landscape professionals. This is valuable information for consumers, and we appreciate their efforts. Firstly, consultations provided by the company are done on-site, allowing clients to present their ideas. From their, the Bidermann team establishes the scope of the project and offers suggestions to the homeowner. “At the end of this phase, Joe will provide you with a detailed, itemized quote for developing your concept,” as stated on the website. Next is concept design, in which the team performs a site survey to determine the materials needed and in what quantity. Among the materials, they also look into site elevations, existing plants and more. Joe plugs this information into a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) drawing to come up with the base plan. The project is now ready to get underway. The Bidermann team suggests a maintenance strategy to keep your yard looking as amazing as it did on the day it was installed.

3. Peter Hughes Landscape

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Peter Hughes Landscape

Another multiple-award winning company, Peter Hughes Landscape serves the Alberta area. The good news is that all of the awards listed on the company’s website were for residential landscaping, which shows their strengths in this type of design. You’ll love Peter Hughes’ backstory — the quintessential small-town-guy-works-his-bum-off-to- make-it-in-the-world kind of story. It was 1973 and Hughes used a borrowed trailer, connected to his old Chevy and filled with borrowed tools and equipment to perform summer yard maintenance for neighbours, friends and family members.

Today, Peter Hughes Landscape maintains the family-oriented approach to the landscape business but the Chevy and borrowed equipment are gone, and the awards keep rolling in. Collaboration with clients on every project is a priority for Peter Hughes Landscape. “Collaborating with our clients every step of the way to realize their vision — on every project, large or small — is our motivating factor and allows us to love what we do,” as written on the website. It’s easy to see why their Upper Elbow Park project garnered the 2008 Award of Excellence Residential Maintenance from Landscape Alberta. The sumptuous curves and the seamless blending of soft and hardscape certainly caught our eyes. If creating an outdoor living space is your goal, do view the company’s Lake Bonavista project, with a to-die-for outdoor entertaining area and gorgeous water feature.

If you’re among the many Canadians who plan on renovating their landscapes this year or next, one of these three best residential landscape designers in Canada may be just what you need to get the job done right — and on budget.

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