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How to use throw pillows and other textiles in home decor

use throw blankets for home decor

There’s nothing more comforting then hugging a throw pillow or wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket. Whether we realize it or not, textiles add texture, comfort and a sense of belonging in our homes. There are many ways to add textiles in home decor including wallpaper, throw pillows and blankets.

But adding texture — the right throw pillow combination, the perfect wrap, curtains to complement your current decor — isn’t always easy.

Use these tips to give your home a personal touch that matches your style.

#1. How to use throw pillows?

throw pillows. use textiles in home decor

From classic tufted pillows to pillows with colour-changing sequins, there are plenty of pillows and fabric-textures to help you add layers and depth to your decor.

To really use pillows as a core part of your decor, consider mixing contrasting textures and complementary colours. For instance, pair faux-fur with velvet or try for a throw-pillow that is a mix of silk and cotton. The mix of textures invites people to touch and experience your home’s decor and invokes a soft and inviting atmosphere in the room and home.

#2. How to use curtains?

using curtains and textiles in home decor

Under-appreciated and overlooked, curtains can deliver bold statements and, at the same time, eliminate the need for too many wall decorations. A great way to use curtains to add depth and style to a room is to layer and vary the fabrics.

Start by purchasing and installing a double or triple-bar — a curtain bar that allows more than one set of curtains to be hung at the same time. Select two or three different curtain fabrics.

Consider the texture, fabric and level of privacy and light-blockage that each curtain will provide.

To add an airy feeling to your room, use light and flowy fabric. To create a serious vibe in your space, use heavy fabrics, such as velvet.

#3. How to use throw blankets?

use throw blankets and textiles for home decor

Want a simple way to change the look and feel of a room? Invest in throw blankets.

Not only are throw blankets practical — everyone loves a cozy blanket on a cold, winter evening — but this simple textile adds layers and even a splash of colour a unifying theme to a room (particularly when coordinated with throw pillows). Blankets are an easy way to add textiles in home decor to update a space.

Drape fluffy blankets, well-designed quilts or fringed throws over ottomans or over the back of couches and across chairs.

For year-round décor, keep a few different throws in various shades that mix well with your furniture and walls while also matching the season.

Bring out faux fur in the winter and bright colours, like yellow, in the spring!

#4. How to use wallpaper?

use wallpaper for textured home decor

Textured wallpaper is a great and economical way to dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

Use simple designs such as raised dots or thick matt embellishments as a way to add class and a touch of texture to a room. Use more complex designs and thicker textured wallpaper when you want a deep, rich feel to the room.

If you’re a bit intimidated by wallpaper — some fear that the installation or removal of wallpaper can be difficult — talk to your local hardware store. These days, there a variety of wallpaper options and some even provide for easier installation and removal.

Combine textures for maximum impact

One great aspect of decorating with textiles is that this option will rarely break the bank. While you could spend a few thousand dollars, you can also get away with spending less than $100 by adding textiles in home decor. This small budget allows you to add a few textile decor options that will suddenly and dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

For best results, mix and match the textile options. Pair throw pillows with throw blankets and quilts or contrast the curtains with some new pillows.

Don’t forget to combine the textures of the textiles, themselves. Look for complementary and contrasting textures, such as leather with silk or jute with feathers.

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