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8 must-have bedroom accessories and fall decor to create the perfect atmosphere

rustic colours and fall decor bedroom

Fall is finally here, along with its falling leaves, bright orange and yellow colour scheme and crisp air. Everyone is excited to welcome the cold. But, while the outdoors are a natural canvas for this season, our home interiors need a bit of tweaking. So, if you’re as excited to welcome this transitional season as us, here are eight must-have bedroom accessories and fall decor ideas you can use to create the perfect atmosphere.

1. Upgrade and customize your window treatments

Upgrading your window treatments is the most prominent and impactful way to emulate the feeling of fall decor in your home. It would help if you went for sheer curtains to add a little bit of whimsy to your bedroom ambience. When the diffused natural light hits your room walls, you’ll automatically transport to feeling like you’re in an autumn wonderland. You can make things more on-the-nose by going for a wood curtain rod that looks like a stylish tree branch and add tab-topped curtains for a stunning look.

2. Add understated hues and fairy lights

One of the best ways to emulate fall in your bedroom is dressing it up in understated colours and accenting with statement-worthy accessories. Keep your walls, floors, and ceiling as neutral as possible. Beige, white, sandy brown, and light tan are good base colours. They can be quickly uplifted by string fairy lights, hanging pendant light lamps, and even hidden LED strip lights. It would help if you made sure that the lights are warm golden to capture that fall vibe.

3. Think about bright accent colours

You can best capture a fall atmosphere in beautiful bright accents. The most common ones lean towards the rustic side, think oranges, reds and browns. Most of these colours are artfully distressed so that they can evoke the right effect. You could go for cherry wood floor accents and rust coloured throw pillows on the bed to emulate the falling leaves or even get an upholstered accent chair to suit the overall fall decor and theme. 

4. Consider dry arrangements

Fall is a contemplative season where nature is going in hibernation to protect itself from the cold. To capture this aura, you need to accessorize your bedroom with some artful-looking dry arrangements. 

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be overly elaborate or statement-worthy to make an impact on your ambience. You can just put a drying rose in a transparent glass bottle, and it will look just as excellent and thematic as any large arrangement. Alternatively, you can even put a bowl full of dried pine cones by your bedside to get a similar effect. If you want to make it look more artistic, put some dog-eared books beside the vase/bottle to capture the theme. Not only are these styles of updates perfect for the season, but they are also extremely affordable.

5. Add an autumnal corner

While subtlety is nice, you can always make a grand statement by using bold accessories. You can use a combination of various things to create one small space in your bedroom fall-themed. This corner or small room may include a chair, an artfully arranged tree cutting, and a wall hanging or frame that perfectly suits the theme. This combo will add to the bedroom’s overall visual appeal and provide an excellent cornerstone for you to translate the fall decor and mood in your bedrooms.

6. Go for small bits of cozy fall decor

The fall season is a prelude to winter, so of course, it has many winterbourne decorations merged within its identity. To translate this aspect in your bedroom interior designs, you can go for some cozy accessories like a fuzzy throw pillow and a fluffy comforter over one corner of the bed. However, make sure that you emulate these things in moderation, as too much fall decor can feel overwhelming – for some of us, that is. 

7. Go bold with colours and textiles

The fall theme is closely related to deep, decadent colours like rust, burgundy, golds, and bronze. The best way to use them in your bedroom interiors is through textiles. 

These may include furniture upholstery, bed covers, wall hangings, and even throw pillows. Note that you need to learn how to use throw pillows and other textiles in home décor to carry out this venture successfully. Keep in mind that if you use too many colours with too much texture, you’ll end up ruining the space’s ambience.

8. Sniff out a fall-scented candle

Autumn-winter Cozy Home Still Life With A Cup Of Hot Drink

Fall is a season that enchants all the senses, so definitely need to break out of the physical and visual boundaries to emulate this theme in your bedroom interior designs fully. The best way to do that is to so is by placing some scented candles on your nightstand – even one will do the job. Go for your favourite scent. Vanilla may be a bland flavour to some, but its fragrance is classic for a reason. Just make sure that the candle case is either bronze or has some fall-related accents to go with the theme.

No matter the accessory – scented candles to an entirely new accent wall – there are plenty of ways to go big (or small) this fall. The new season may already be here, but it’s never too late to add new decor to any space. 

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