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The best tiny houses in Manitoba

A red, green and natural wood tiny home in a forest

Tiny houses have recently entered the real estate market and instantly became a huge hit among homebuyers. They changed the way people see housing by offering a new, more affordable alternative for people who were looking for a way to downsize and find an alternative lifestyle.

As real estate prices are constantly rising, tiny homes are becoming a new way of life for many. If you wanted to move to Manitoba and were entertaining the idea of living in a tiny home, in today’s article we will go over the best tiny houses in Manitoba you can buy today (April 8th, 2020).

1. Tiny House / Cabin Trade for Camper, Brandon, MB

Asking price: $14,900

Exterior view of a small home undergoing a renovation
  • Property Taxes: ?
  • Size: 380 sqft
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 30+

This affordable tiny house is waiting for you to turn it into your own home. As it has no furniture and no appliances, you will have the complete creative freedom to turn it into the tiny house of your dreams. It’s built on blocks, so you can move it anywhere without being bound to live in one place, which is one of the major benefits of tiny houses.

The owner is willing to swap this tiny house for a 5th wheel camper with slides, so if you have one you were intending to sell, now it’s the right time.

2. 605 Herbert Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Asking price: $109,900

Interior view of a small home\'s living space
  • Property Taxes: ?
  • Size: ?
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 12

Don’t miss out on your chance to live in a colourful tiny home that will spark happiness in you every day. The elegant design of the rooms is combined with creative features that add colour, while the outdoor fenced deck is a great place to entertain and spend the afternoon at.

Most elements in this spacious home are new, so you won’t need to invest any money to be able to move into it. It’s also spacious enough to accommodate 4 people, so it’s ideal for a young family looking to downsize.

3. Tiny house on 4.65 acres, Rita, MB

Asking price: $79,000

Exterior view of a small tan home with a front porch
  • Property Taxes: $400
  • Size: 384 sf
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 2

If you want to isolate yourself from the world and enjoy nature while living in your own tiny home, this house will give you all that. Although most of the furniture and appliances in this tiny house are older, it has the rustic, cottage feel you can rarely find in urban homes.

There is also a 200 Amp underground electrical with 60 Amp underground service, so you won’t be shut off from all the modern appliances we’re used to. Taxes are also low, so you can live an inexpensive, laidback lifestyle in the countryside.

4. Cabin/tiny home (to be moved), Treherne, MB

Asking price: $32,500

Exterior view of a small brown home with a covered front porch
  • Property Taxes: ?
  • Size: 534 sqft
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 25

This tiny cabin was built in the 1990s and was appraised back in 2017 for $49,700, so you’d be getting a real bargain buying it at $32,500. It features a 3 piece bathroom, a bedroom with a laundry, a kitchen with a fridge, microwave and electric range, as well as a 128 sqft veranda so you would have everything you may need for a comfortable living.

With a wood frame construction, R40 ceiling and R20 wall insulation, this tiny house was built to last and give comfort to anyone residing it for years.

5. Cabin/tiny home (to be moved), Treherne, MB

Asking price: $32,500

View of a small bedroom with wooden walls, a white bed and a small window
  • Property Taxes: ?
  • Size: 170 sqft
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # Days on the Market: 30+

Dropped from its price of $5,450 last year, you still have the chance of owning this 4 season use tiny home in Manitoba. The owner of this tiny house mentioned it needs some finishing touches to be ready for moving in, but it has some great potential for the minimal price it’s listed for. It’s fully insulated, wired, has pine panelling inside and out as well as metal shingles, so it can be your ideal guest cabin, camping house, garden room, office or anything you design it to be.

Although Manitoba’s market for tiny homes is still underdeveloped, there are still some amazing tiny houses priced for anyone’s budget. With a little bit of research, searching and TLC, you can find the tiny homes of your dreams in Manitoba — and one unique advantage of tiny homes is exactly that: any place can become your home.

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