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10 most expensive homes in Toronto

Looking for that exquisite home with a few unique features, such as bulletproof windows, and all of the most luxurious finishes. Here are just a few of the...

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What is probate?

If you are unsure whether you need probate, how much probate fees cost, and how probate is accepted, let's look at a complete breakdown of the term

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The best tiny houses in Manitoba

Tiny homes come with a cheaper price tag so they are a great option if you are just entering the housing market, or down-sizing from something larger.

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Best tiny houses in Alberta

Rising house prices have transformed the way that people look at traditional housing! The alternative option of a tiny home seems perfect, particularly when...

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10 cheapest homes in Canada

Canada's median housing price is hovering just under $500,000 but that doesn't mean you can't find a home priced around $10,000. Check out these options for...

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Who needs a will and why?

From the legal terminology used to the reasons why having a will is so essential — we’ve created the perfect guide to knowing when and why you need to...

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