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4 best moving companies in Vancouver

4 best moving companies in Vancouver, BC

Are you getting ready to move? Whether you’re moving right down the street or across town, moving isn’t always the easiest of tasks, especially after navigating the tricky Vancouver real estate market.

At the best of times, moving is stressful and this stress will only be made worse if you can’t find the right moving company to fit your needs. We can help. By doing the digging for you—through social media and online reviews—we highlight four of the best moving companies in Vancouver, B.C. Bonus: A few of these awesome companies service surrounding areas, including the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island, as well!

Moving Company #1: Go Truck Go

4 best moving companies in Vancouver
(Source: Facebook / Go Truck Go)

Offering a variety of services including moving, delivery, and junk removal, Go Truck Go is one of the highest-rated moving companies in the Vancouver area. According to both Facebook and Yelp—where Go Truck Go has received many 5 out of 5-star reviews—this local moving company is one of the best moving companies because of its competitive costs and transparent service. Additionally, another popular website, DailyHive, described this company as being one of the best in the area due to their high standards of service.

Go Truck Go specializes in smaller home-moves (studio to 2-bedroom homes under 1,000-square feet), all of which feature great, competitive rates for moving and prompt, fast service. You can easily get an estimate for your move by filling out an online form, or call 604-657-3729 and talk to one of the friendly and helpful employees. Plus, this company will offer packing advice, while helping you every step of the way.

Moving Company #2: Papa’s Moving

4 best moving companies in Vancouver, BC. Papa's Moving company
(Source: Facebook / Papa’s Moving)

Known for being extremely professional and polite, Papa’s Moving is another great local moving company. Choosing this company means that you’ll be met with top speed, efficiency, and careful handling by all the employed at this company. Plus, Papa’s Moving offers moving services to those moving throughout B.C., including those relocating to and from Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast, and Fraser Valley. Now matter where you are located, you get the same top performance. Their 5 out of 5-star ratings and lengthy reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook prove that this a company that consistently delivers exceptional service.

Having opened their doors in 2000, this family owned business offers moves with both two and three-man crews and starts at just $98 per hour (for a 2-man crew). Better still, Papa’s Moving quotes include time (there is a three-hour minimum), travel time, fuel charge, and a stair fee. While all these extras may sound unreasonable, Papa’s gently reminds you that moving house is tough work, and their employees should be paid for time and labour, based on the difficulty of each job. For Papa’s Moving, it’s about respect for everyone: the client and the employee. Since every move is unique, call Brent (Papa) at 604-782-6683 and he will give you the best possible estimate.

Moving Company #3: Vancouver In The Box

4 best moving companies in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver In The Box
(Source: Facebook / Vancouver In The Box)

This all-encompassing moving company offers full-service moves in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, the Gulf Islands and on Vancouver Island. Not only will Vancouver In The Box move your items, they’ll also pack your good (at a fee of $11 per box, not including boxes or supplies), and source out the best movers on your chosen departure day. So, if you want a company that will pack your boxes, find a suitable moving company and sort out every little detail in between, choose Vancouver In The Box.

According to the lengthy 5-star reviews on both their Yelp and Facebook pages, this company meets each move with professionalism, diligence, and top-notch customer service.

The minimum charge for a full-service move is $385 (this equates to about 35 boxes) plus the cost of supplies. For a more detailed and tailored quote, call the friendly staff at 778-228-6976 for a free no obligation quote.

Moving Company #4: A to B Moving

4 best moving companies in Vancouver, B.C. A to B Moving
(Source: Facebook / A to B Moving)

A local favourite, A to B Moving will help to take the stress out of your next move. Offering professional and reliable service, these movers will take diligent care of your personal belongings while delivering them to your new home in record time.

Why should you choose A to B Moving? Not only do they have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau but they also have top ratings and rave reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. If you’re looking for an award winning moving team, look no further.

Better still, if you’re looking to store some furniture or larger items, this company offers that service too, taking the stress out of moving and storing your personal items. For a more tailored quote, we recommend that you contact them at either 1-855-899-6683,, or simply fill out their online form.

Hopefully, this list of the best moving companies in Vancouver is helpful to aid your transition. Whether you’re currently planning a move or just recently moved into a new home, we’d like to hear about your experience with these local Vancouver moving companies! Tell us about it in the comments below, we love hearing from you.

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