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5 of the best home organization bloggers in Canada

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If you count yourself among the perpetually messy, the hopelessly disorganized or those with chronically chaotic homes, relax. If you’ve ever been too embarrassed to hire a house cleaner because your house is too messy, help is just a click away with these home organization bloggers.

Apparently, anyone can learn how to tame the clutter through proper decoration and organization. Whether you’re chaotically cluttered or just a bit disorganized, you can learn the principles and systems that can turn you from a clutter junkie to the king or queen of classification. The best place to start? Tips from the pros. Here are five of the best home organization bloggers in Canada you need to start reading, now.

Clean and Scentsible

Clean & Scentsible. 5 DIY bloggers in Canada

A workaholic, Jenn Lifford works part-time in the brick-and-mortar world as a B.C.-based pediatric physiotherapist and full time on her blog, Clean and Scentsible. Oh, and she’s a mom too.

As a working mom, her blog grew out of a desire to showcase her Scentsy products. That was in 2010. Today, the blog contains advice and tutorials on crafts and home organization. Tips on the latter include organizing your garage, laundry room, home office, bathroom, kitchen and even the kitchen command centre What? Don’t you have one of those? You will after reading and watching Jenn’s ultimate organizing tips.

Keeping small office supplies, such as tacks, staples and paper clips in cute mason jars in a desk drawer is a common idea. Slapping a label on the top of the jar, complete with a picture of the item stored within, is brilliant. No longer will you have to lift each jar to see which one holds the binder clips.

In this home organization blog, you’ll find simple, functional ideas that keep you coming back to get the latest advice from Jenn.

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

I’m an Organizing Junkie

5 of the best home organization bloggers in Canada

Meet Laura Wittmann, a B.C.-to-Alberta-transplant and a self-professed “organizing junkie.” The polar opposite to the “clutter junky.” But her site offers far more than a few ways to tame the kitchen junk drawer. Laura gets to the root of the problem by helping us to figure out why we’re so disorganized and then helping us develop an organization system that makes it easier for each of us to finally get rid of house clutter.

Whether it’s creating a weekly menu—she posts sample menus—tactics for dealing with time crunch issues, or tips to learn to be more organized, Laura’s got it. Best of all, she promises that “anyone can learn the necessary skills needed to create a clutter and chaos free home. Together we can do this, I’ll show you how!”

Find her online on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

S.O.S.—Serenity Organizing Solutions

5 of the best home organization bloggers in CanadaBarrie, Ontario-based professional organizer, Stephanie Butler started her career as a social worker. After a few decades in this field, she found her true calling and launched her professional organizing business. Her experience working with those with severe mental illness and helping people cope with attachment issues and grief give her a unique, compassionate perspective on the organizational process. Now, Stephanie is a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada, a co-author of Dear Stress, I’m Breaking Up with You and offers her services as an in-home consultant while providing tips and tricks on her blog and through Youtube tutorials.

She believes her role isn’t to tell people what to do, but to help them find solutions to the clutter problems and to develop cleaner, more serene work and home environments. To help you stay on track she offers free tips, just sign up on her website for the monthly newsletter.

Find her online on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube.


Storage | Glee. 5 of the best home organization bloggers in Canada.Everyone knows that getting organized requires plenty of storage solutions, right? That’s where Toronto’s Laurence MacSween comes in, offering an entire site dedicated to all the ways to store and hide things.

There are no how-to’s, as the site consists of curated content, but there’s lots of inspiration. From ideas about storage containers to tips categorized by room and individual items, this site helps you with ideas on how to stash your stuff.

Mind Over Clutter

Mind over Clutter. 5 of the best home organization bloggers in Canada.Professional organizers must see some pretty amazing things and nobody is better qualified to give advice to the hopelessly disorganized than these brave souls. Julie Stobbe is a Silver Leaf member of Professional Organizers of Canada. And, did you know that there is actually a group called the Institute for Challenging Disorganization? It’s an international organization dedicated to providing education, research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization, and Julie is also a graduate from here.

Part of Julie’s charm is that she finds the tedious, fun.“To me it’s a puzzle,” she tells Rosie-Ann Grover of the Hamilton Spectator.

Although her blog is full of helpful advice (check out her step-by-step system on getting started), Julie’s Facebook page curates some of the best in organizing advice from all over the web. On her site, however, we appreciate her reviews of organizational products and her tips on repurposing items already in the home.

Find her online on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.

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